What is IBM Digital Analytics?

IBM® Digital Analytics, formerly Coremetrics Web Analytics, is a platform for near real-time digital analytics, data monitoring and comparative benchmarking. It analyzes and reports on your visitors' digital journeys—across marketing touchpoints and channels—to provide customer insights that help marketers deliver more personalized, relevant and effective marketing. You can expand the IBM Digital Analytics platform with options to analyze multiple sites, offline customer behavior, ad relevancy, impression attribution and social media channels.

Benefits of IBM Digital Analytics

  • Gain marketing insights quickly with intuitive dashboards that monitor behavioral customer data on demand.
  • Remove barriers for applying web analytics data by harnessing near real-time analytics and surfacing them quickly in your marketing plans and actions.
  • Identify real campaign contributions and attribution insights by evaluating individual channels as well as the combined effect of multiple marketing touchpoints.
  • Turn behavioral insights into automated digital marketing action across digital channels for faster revenue gains.
  • Simplify web analytics management and delivery by integrating analytics data easily with your marketing systems.

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Gain marketing insights quickly with intuitive dashboards

  • Optimize your web, mobile and social channels by monitoring critical data and key performance indicators in near real time across channels.
  • Share insights with stakeholders through intelligent visualizations and flexible views.
  • Uncover growth opportunities and areas for improvement by viewing performance benchmarks for your peers and competitors.
  • Access reports conveniently in multiple ways, including your website, Microsoft Excel, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile.
  • Track digital activity and generate reports without using cookies or IP addresses.

Remove barriers for applying web analytics data

  • Go from analytics to action quickly using near real-time insights into visitor behavior trends that support same-day action on your digital channels.
  • Analyze visitor behavior across multiple sessions, time periods and channels using cross-session segmentation capabilities.
  • Combine results from multiple websites into a single enterprise dashboard view.
  • See extensive analysis of Flash, video, widgets and rich Internet applications.
  • Optimize mobile applications and channels, drawing on rich details of device types, capabilities, display sizes and how visitors interact using multiple devices over time.

Identify real campaign contributions and attribution insights

  • Uncover the real return on investment (ROI) of each marketing channel using sophisticated attribution methods.
  • Understand what marketing campaign combinations lead to the greatest ROI with intuitive Venn diagrams and visual touchpoint paths.
  • Enable more accurate marketing attribution and more relevant marketing execution by drawing on customers’ combined digital and offline interaction history.
  • Determine how to share credit for conversions among multiple touchpoints by choosing from a variety of standard and custom attribution models.

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Turn behavioral insights into automated digital marketing action

  • Capture granular visitor activity with IBM Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE) Profiles, a built-in data warehouse of customer interactions.
  • Deliver more relevant recommendations, display advertisements and personalized email with just a few clicks based on continuously updated IBM LIVE Profiles.
  • Identify valuable digital customer segments and publish them to IBM Campaign for automated cross-channel retargeting, cross-sell and retention campaigns.
  • Syndicate analytics-driven content through dozens of leading advertisement networks and email service providers by integrating with solutions from partners in the IBM Digital Marketing Network.

Simplify web analytics management and delivery

  • Share analytics data with IBM customer analytics, real-time personalization and omni-channel marketing solutions for more encompassing, streamlined data-driven marketing.
  • Import data on marketing goals, retail merchandise hierarchies and other essential marketing information to enrich your analytics reporting.
  • Manage administrative tasks more easily by exporting data quickly into your enterprise data warehouse and viewing detailed website performance with a single sign-on.
  • Specify, test, deploy and maintain IBM Digital Analytics tags, as well as third-party page tags, with minimal support from IT.
  • Reduce the load of data collection tags that can slow the user experience by collecting information with a single tag call and relaying it as needed using the Digital Data Exchange application programming interface (API).

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IBM Digital Analytics Capabilities

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