Modern development tools for enterprise-wide application development and maintenance

IBM® Rational® Developer for the Enterprise provides a comprehensive development environment for heterogeneous enterprise application development with workloads spanning enterprise architectures and languages including z/OS®, Linux for z Systems™, x86, and Power®; languages including Java, COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, EGL, C/C++, and JCL; and runtimes such as AIX®, Linux for z Systems, Linux on Power, x86 Linux, CICS®, IMS™, DB2®, and Batch, as well as, WebSphere® Application Server environments on many architectures. The development environment includes tools for creating and maintaining traditional z Systems applications and transactional processing, cross platform web services, Web 2.0 applications, lightweight Web 2.0 applications using EGL, as well as Java Enterprise Edition applications that run in WebSphere Application Server. Rational Developer for the Enterprise helps to increase developer productivity by delivering integrated, high-quality code while working within the organizations development processes, tools, and philosophy.

Rational Developer for the Enterprise is a bundle comprised of the following products:

Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software

Rational Developer for z Systems:

Rational Business Developer

Rational Developer for i

IBM Rational Developer for the Enterprise

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IBM Rational Developer for the Enterprise