Mobile and collaborative content experience for improved insight and control

IBM® Content Navigator is the unified experience for Mobile, Web and Desktop across the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portfolio, and across both structured application data and any Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) content sources. It includes features that make it incredibly easy to create, share, manage, and collaborate on content on all devices within all of IBM’s ECM major products and key partner solutions. Because it is also an open framework, it is the most effective way for partners and clients to simplify and accelerate development of custom user experiences on mobile, web, and desktop.

Content Navigator enables you to:

Bring collaborative and mobile content to your business

Integrate with broader content initiatives

Support multiple business uses and content sources

While using IBM Content Navigator users are also entitled to use the following IBM products which are included with IBM Content Navigator at no additional charge:

Please contact your IBM ECM Sales Representative for more details.

Use with a variety of IBM products

IBM Content Navigator (Version 2.0.3) is now shipping

The new release of IBM Content Navigator (v2.0.3) continues to offer a collaborative and mobile content experience that drives better intelligence and control throughout the organization. It can transform the way organizations do business by putting content in motion for optimal value throughout its lifecycle. Content Navigator provides a unified experience for the ECM portfolio which can be used across desktop, web and mobile for both out-of-the-box and custom content applications.


The IBM Content Navigator (v2.0.3) continues to expand the Content Navigator experience functionality and level of ECM portfolio by introducing support for : Content Analytics 3.5, Datacap 9.0, ICC for SAP 9.0, Enterprise Records 5.2.0, Case Manager 5.2.1 and a Technology preview of CMIS 1.1 for Content Platform Engine. In addition to supporting IBM ECM applications, Content Navigator now supports cross repository searches that include CMIS compliant repositories.


IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3 Features Overview


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Enhancements for IBM Content Foundation, and IBM FileNet® Content Manager


Enhancements for IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition and IBM Content Manager for z/OS


IBM Content Manager OnDemand


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