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IBM Content Manager OnDemand
Quickly and easily capture, index, archive,
and present digital information

IBM® Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms provides enterprise report management that delivers instant electronic access to bills, statements and other print archive information. It helps organizations respond more quickly to customer inquiries and manage access to electronic reports used to communicate activities and performance throughout an organization. IBM Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms helps organizations reduce print, storage and distribution costs to support an environmentally friendly content delivery solution.

IBM has announced new features and enhancements to Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) v10.1 for Multiplatforms.

The new capabilities include:

  • Active-active high-availability configuration support for multiplatforms: for active-active high availability to increase resilience
  • Content encryption: automatically encrypts the content being stored in storage tiers to improve security, regardless of the type of storage or storage manager that is being used
  • Secure and economical storage on cloud: support for IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly known as CleverSafe) and Amazon S3 now available with CMOD v10.1 for multiplatforms; IBM Cloud Object Storage scales beyond petabytes of capacity with improved availability, security and lower total cost of ownership
  • Digital hash for documents: stores documents along with a 256-bit digital hash or digital signature to avoid altercations
  • Unique document ID: allows for every document to be uniquely identified without having to reference any other document metadata information
  • Updated OS/390 indexer and cross-platform availability of OS/390 indexer: OS/390 indexer is a 64-bit C/C++ application that is compatible with existing user exits written in COBOL
    • Available also on platforms supported by CMOD for Multiplatforms v10.1, which enables z/OS customers considering migration to cloud with CMOD on Cloud to shift their workloads without any functionality loss
  • Restricted Read-only Administration: privileges for administrators can be restricted that limits their privileges to read definitions of various application groups, folder, etc and administer CMOD, but does not give them privilege to access any content (reports, documents, statements etc) stored in CMOD
  • Premium Feature Pack for multiplatforms and iSeries (a new chargeable component): includes four optional features of CMOD (OnDemand Distribution Facility, PDF Indexer, Full Text Search and Enhanced Retention Management) and can be licensed on a per-install basis

In addition, these capabilities below that were included in previous versions are still included in CMOD v10.1 for Multiplatforms

  • OnDemand Distribution Facility (ODF): eliminates platform specific functional differences and helps simplify report distribution activities - including distributing reports to users and notifying users when reports or individual documents are ready
  • XML Indexer: provides the ability to automatically store XML documents and resources into the Content Manager OnDemand repository
    • Documents are extracted and normalized during indexing; resources are extracted and archived with the data to minimize storage requirements
    • Style sheets enable the display of XML documents to be optimized by device – e.g., mobile, tablet or laptop – and to meet accessibility requirements
  • Document Store API: enables documents to be loaded through the OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (ODWEK) Java API
    • Documents are stored in a similar way to documents stored using the traditional batch loading process of Content Manager OnDemand
    • Documents loaded with the Document Store API can participate in Enhanced Retention Management, Full Text Search, and have a full range of expiration options
  • PDF and Advanced Function Printing Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) indexer enhancement: PDF and ACIF indexers can locate and capture values in specific strings or labels within PDF and ACIF reports as information to be indexed
    • Allows users to quickly search for reports and documents using the value of labels or strings to improve their customer service and business processes
  • Support for additional languages: with additional support for Russian and Turkish, Content Manager OnDemand now supports a total of 26 languages
    • Users can now optionally specify folder names and descriptions in additional multiple languages

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Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms resources