Compiler improves COBOL application performance and developer productivity

The IBM® COBOL for OS/390® & VM compiler helps you simplify common programming tasks and improve the performance of your COBOL applications. It provides 31-digit decimal data support and TRUNC(BIN) performance enhancements. Now your COBOL applications can exploit the open network computing environment, making COBOL a more powerful application development tool.

COBOL for OS/390 & VM provides:

TRUNC(BIN) compiler option

Production debugging

DB2 coprocessor integration

OS/390 UNIX System Services Support

Improved application developer productivity

COBOL for OS/390 & VM resources

OS/390 Version 2 Release 4

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
OS/390 Language Environment element plus PTFs for APAR PQ39908

OS/390 SOMobjects for MVS Application Development Environment (ADE) plus PTFs

OS/390 SMP/E element

SMP/E Release 8.1

OS/390 High Level Assembler element
Any hardware that supports the software requirements

VM/ESA Version 2 Release 3

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
VM/ESA Language Environment for MVS & VM Release 8 plus PTFs for APAR PQ41256

High Level Assembler/ MVS & VM & VSE
Any hardware that supports the software requirements

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