Advanced compiler and optimization technologies

IBM® XL C and C++ compilers offer advanced compiler and optimization technologies and are built on a common code base for easier porting of your applications between platforms. They comply with the latest C/C++ international standards and industry specifications and support a large array of common language features.

Product editions:

XL C for AIX: Optimizes and tunes applications on IBM Power System servers supporting Power Architecture.
Features | Product support (US)

XL C/C++ for AIX: Provides high-performance optimization running on IBM Power Systems including the POWER8™ processor.
Features | Product support (US)

XL C/C++ for Linux: Uses advanced optimization features for generating highly-optimized 64-bit application code.
Features | Product support (US)

z/OS XL C/C++: The IBM z/OS XL C/C++ compiler exploits the latest z/Architecture, including the latest IBM z13 servers.
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