Standardizing and automating repeatable software release tasks helps deliver software and value rapidly and frequently. It also helps you understand customer needs and desires more quickly.

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    Read Application Release & Deployment for Dummies and learn the basics and best practices.

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    Learn how to manage the deployment of a z/OS operating system as part of a multi-platform application.

IBM multi-platform release automation solutions provide automated provisioning and automated deployment of multi-platform applications, databases and configurations throughout the application lifecycle. They help orchestrate changes that span complex, multi-tier applications (with full IBM z/OS support), optimize deployment across globally distributed organizations and manage environment usage across multiple releases and teams. As a result, you can improve the quality of the software you deliver and the productivity of the teams that develop it.

Featured multi-platform release automation offers

IBM UrbanCode Deploy ROI calculator

Calculate the benefits and return of deployment automation across three main categories.

IBM BlueMix to Mainframe with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Watch this demonstration and learn how to deploy from mobile to mainframe.

Case study: Fidelity Worldwide Investment

Reduced the time required for software releases by 99 percent.

CICS and UrbanCode Deploy

Watch a demonstration of using UrbanCode Deploy for multi-application deployment with IBM CICS at the heart.

IBM multi-platform release automation products help you accelerate software delivery and improve software quality and developer productivity.

Featured products

  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy

    IBM UrbanCode Deploy

    Orchestrate and automate the deployment of applications, middleware configurations and database changes.

  • IBM UrbanCode Build

    IBM UrbanCode Build

    Provides a continuous integration and build management server optimized for the enterprise.

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Multi-platform Deployment Automation with IBM UrbanCode

Mobile front-end cloud On-premise backend services on z/OS (YouTube, 00:02:10)