Integration and management of cloud-based and on-premises
applications and data

Is your business capturing insights from the worldwide explosion of data occurring and turning them into intelligent business opportunities?

IBM Messaging solutions enable you to connect and integrate devices, data and applications both inside and outside of your organization to help improve business outcomes. They provide connectivity and integration capabilities for enterprises, developers, mobile and social solutions, and machine-to-machine requirements. They enable you to develop a messaging strategy that incorporates latent listening capabilities and scale, while providing loose coupling to enable flexibility across front and back office systems to truly achieve continuous insights.

  • White paper

    White paper
    Read how IBM MQ helps you exchange information and integrate applications and mobile devices.

  • WebSphere MQ Primer

    WebSphere MQ Primer
    Read this IBM Redbooks publication to learn the basic concepts and fundamentals of messaging.

IBM Messaging products provide the capability to quickly create and deliver universal messaging between different platforms in a scalable and secure environment.

These products include:

  • IBM MQ

    IBM MQ
    Provides a universal messaging backbone to transport messages and data inside and outside your organization.

  • IBM MQ Advanced

    IBM MQ Advanced
    Delivers an integrated universal messaging platform for simple, rapid, reliable and secure transport of data and messages.

  • IBM MQ Advanced for Developers

    IBM MQ Advanced for Developers
    Accelerates application development by providing developers with a copy of IBM MQ Advanced package.

  • IBM MessageSight

    IBM MessageSight
    Supports large scale connectivity to mobile devices, machine-to-machine and telemetry environments.

  • IBM MQ Appliance M2000

    IBM MQ Appliance M2000
    Provides the application connectivity performance of IBM MQ software in a physical messaging appliance.

  • IBM MQ Light

    IBM MQ Light
    Makes it easier for developers to incorporate asynchronous messaging into applications to help make them more responsive and easier to scale.

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IBM MQ Appliance M2000 overview

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