IBM solutions for health and social programs help cities use data and analytics to gain efficiency and improve services within these areas:

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    Addressing social determinants and their impact on healthcare.

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    Clark County DSS: Driving better client outcomes with new operational insight and control.

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MD Anderson uses IBM Smarter Care

Dr. John Frenzel, CMIO explains how as the largest cancer center in the US, MD Anderson, uses Watson Content Analytics for Healthcare to conduct real-time analysis of data.

Perspective: IBM Makes Unprecedented Investments in Healthcare

IDC examines IBM's recent announcements, and potential impact on healthcare delivery and finance.

IBM Smarter Care: Elder Care

Aging populations makes care delivery increasingly complex. IBM Care Management addresses the needs of an individual beyond clinical aspects alone, including social and psychological factors. This product empowers a multidisciplinary team to focus on the patient - the whole patient.

State of New York - Healthcare Transformation - IBM Curam

Dr. Lyn Hohmann describes how the State of New York is transforming their Medicaid health system including health homes

IBM health and social program solutions can provide effective services to support the economic, social and health needs of citizens. These software solutions are now part of IBM Watson Health.

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