IBM B2B integration addresses the collaboration challenges of a diverse B2B community with a comprehensive set of integration capabilities. These solutions help to automate multi-enterprise processes with full visibility, secure networks and the exchange of data with compliance to industry standards. IBM offers B2B integration software in on-premise, hybrid or cloud deployment models to address time and cost concerns.

B2B integration supports:


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    See demos of IBM solutions that detect costly errors and anomalies in the supply chain, and provide mobile alerts based on user-defined threshholds.

Typical benefits of deploying IBM’s B2B platform include faster cycle times, lower cost of operations, improving time-to-revenue from trading partner relationships, and minimizing risk and compliance. These products include:

Featured products

IBM Sterling Community Development Services

A B2B Cloud Services offering that helps to onboard partners faster and automate document exchange quicker.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

A B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines offering that integrates your critical B2B processes, transactions and relationships.

IBM Standards Processing Engine

A B2B Gateways and Transformation Engines offering that provides document processing for healthcare and supply chain EDI standards.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager

A Financial operations offering that helps organizations process, monitor, track and report on financial payments and transactions.

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