Application foundation

Build, deploy and manage high-performance applications
with a solid foundation

The flexibility and intelligence of application foundation lets you build, deploy and manage applications and services that are innovative, high performing, reliable and secure. It facilitates delivery of your business objectives while reducing infrastructure costs across all server environments.

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Why Upgrade to WebSphere Application Server V8?
Increase data center efficiency through workload consolidation.

WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack Overview
Deliver innovative business applications that help you reach customers in new ways.

Planning, Concepts and Design Guide
Plan for specific tasks and components that conform to the WebSphere Application Server.

WebSphere Application Server Technical Overview
Build and deploy reusable application services more quickly and easily … and more.

eBook: Smart SOA Application Foundation
Discover how to modernise your application infrastructure to work smarter, reduce costs and roll out new services faster.

Discover new ways to build, deploy and manage enterprise applications and services that are innovative, high performing, reliable and secure.

These products include:

Featured products

  • WebSphere Application Server

    WebSphere Application Server

    Intelligently manage your application environment and deliver rich user experiences faster.

  • CICS Transaction Server

    CICS Transaction Server

    Learn about this transaction processing solution that provides powerful support in a service oriented architecture environment.

  • CICS Tools Family

    CICS Tools Family

    Increase business flexibility and development efficiency by accelerating deployment.

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  • WebSphere Application Server vs. Oracle WebLogic

    Find out how WebSphere Application Server excels in efficiency – resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

  • What’s new in WebSphere Application Server

    Learn how to enhance performance while driving down costs by increasing data center efficiency through workload consolidation.

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