Case management that unites content, processes and people for better outcomes

IBM® Case Manager is a platform for designing and deploying solutions that help people gather the right content, apply analytics for faster, more accurate decisions, and take action to assure better business outcomes. With IBM Case Manager, organizations bring focus to the chaos of content – both structured and unstructured - whether on premises or in the cloud, in the office or in the field with mobile devices. Decision-makers in all industries work smarter with IBM's award-winning Advanced Case Management (ACM) offering, which encompasses documents, data, social media, video, audio, images and GPS data. It provides flexible workflow controls, access to powerful analytics and dashboards, collaboration tools for internal and external workers, and complete audit tracking for compliance with industry regulations. If you’re looking for pre-built accelerators for specific industry use cases, IBM’s broad ecosystem of business partners provides an array of solutions for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government and many other industries.

Case Manager:

Gives workers the control and insight they need.

Provides real-time access to documents, structured data, video, social media and more

Offers agile design capabilities built for Business Users

Extends IBM’s single interface design

Supports a growing portfolio of Industry-specific Solutions

Case Manager Resources

Components included in IBM Case Manager

IBM Case Builder

Allows non-programmers to quickly and easily design and try out new case solutions.

IBM Case Client

The knowledge worker user experience that displays the solutions created by Case Builder.

IBM Case Foundation

Provides the powerful content and process platform that Case Manager is built on.

IBM Watson Explorer

Analyzes and visually explores large volumes of unstructured content to unlock new business insights.

IBM Sametime®

Delivers unified communications and collaboration software for voice, data and video.

IBM Content Navigator

Provides a collaborative and mobile content experience that delivers better intelligence and control throughout the organization. It is a component that can be used with various IBM products for mobile-enabled social business.

IBM Daeja® ViewONE® Professional

Delivers modular, extensible and powerful document and image viewing.

Put your content to work and increase productivity with Box

Put business content to work and increase productivity; Try box

We all want to work smarter to improve the way work gets done. In order to achieve business results faster, you need an easy way to bring all of your content together from different sources and to collaborate on it effectively. IBM’s strategic partnership with Box gives you access to secure cloud-based content collaboration across both your organization and with external stakeholders. IBM Case Manager and Box combine two industry leading solutions into a dynamic duo to help you gather the right content, apply analytics and make more accurate decisions to achieve your business goals.

By leveraging IBM Case Manager’s integration with Box, you can make smarter decisions by getting the right information at the right time to the right person, bringing all content together in one view. IBM Case Manager allows you to access Box content from within a case and post case-related documents directly to Box. For example, Case Manager workers might be collaborating with a vendor or outside agency to provide critical information related to their case. IBM Case Manager is able to bring the content uploaded to Box by the vendor into their case, in order to access the information needed to make informed decisions – wherever it resides. IBM Case Manager and Box empower knowledge workers to take direct control of the process and act decisively based on review and analytics of content in context to ensure positive outcomes.

IBM Case Manager and Box provide:

  • A highly customizable platform for a complete view of important content associated to a case from various sources including Box
  • Near real-time access to the documentation, structured and unstructured data and analytics required to make critical decisions
  • Access to and update of case files from virtually any location through mobile connectivity and cloud solutions like Box

By using IBM Case Manager to streamline the processes that rely on your Box content, you can achieve better outcomes efficiently. If you are already using IBM Case Manager, you can now easily and securely collaborate with content through Box without leaving the Case Manager environment.


Case Manager on Softlayer Cloud Infrastructure

IBM Case Manager 5.2.1 is available for a one month free trial on Softlayer to create test case solutions.

SoftLayer is an IBM solution that provides a secure, high performance cloud infrastructure. IBM ECM has instances of FileNet Content Manager and Case Manager 5.2.1 installed on SoftLayer.


IBM Case Manager on Cloud provides a new way for organizations to:

Benefits of using IBM Case Manager on Cloud:

In addition, there are separately priced services for:


Take the office into the field

The release of IBM Case Manager for mobile devices provides a great mobile solution for all of your case worker needs. Whether your company is in banking, insurance, government, or other industries, you can increase productivity, profitability, employee engagement, and positive customer experiences when using IBM Case Manager for mobile devices.

Video: Stay Engaged and Efficient On-the-Go with IBM Case Manager.

Industry Solutions

IBM Case Manager is used across all industries to help people work smarter in this new digital and cognitive era. Our partners have built an extensive library of industry solutions on top of IBM Case Manager, accelerating time to value for case applications.

Banking and Financial Services

Banks are using Case Management to streamline and accelerate slow and error-prone processes like on-boarding new clients, approving a mortgage loan, or servicing a high-net-worth customers.

Spotlight on banking solutions:

  • Loan Processing Solution — LoanFlow™ from Imagine Solutions helps lenders replace paper-intensive, manual tasks with streamlined, automated processes, speeding information flows and providing improved control and visibility over the loan process. Results include dramatically reduced cycle times, improved loan data accuracy, reduced risk of fraud and improved service and compliance.

More banking solutions built on IBM Case Manager:


Insurance companies are using Case Management to improve customer insights through the underwriting process, on-board new clients, manage risk and fraud and innovate new business models.

Spotlight on insurance solutions:

  • Complex Claim Management — Ultera® from IPD provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities for improving operational processes involving complex claims: Disability/Life, Healthcare, Workers’ Compensation, Property & Causalty (P&C) and Cross-Industry. Built on IBM Case manager, Ultera® transforms claims operations across the enterprise but without the high cost and risk of a complete system replacement.
  • Property and Casualty Claims Management — Pyramid eXpeditor for Claims increases employee productivity and enables insurance carriers to process complex claims faster with higher accuracy with a single interface regardless of the format or where information resides. Perform advanced document searches, tag documents for later use, organize documents, and apply analytics to track trends and much more.

More insurance solutions built on IBM Case Manager


Government agencies are using Case Manager to on-board new citizens, manage legal, permits, applications and licensing processes, and better provide and manage services to its citizens.

Government solutions built on IBM Case Manager:


Healthcare organizations are using Case Manager for Teleheatlh, Patient Navigator, HEDIS benchmarking, Patient Admissions and more.

Healthcare solutions built on IBM Case Manager:


Case Management is also used for horizontal processes like employee on-boarding, Customer Service, Legal Matter Management and more.

Spotlight on cross-industry solutions:

  • Legal Matter Management - Legal cases often involve sorting through thousands, even millions, of contracts, research documents, testimonials, affadavits and transcripts. Legal Matter Management from Adjacent Technology built on the IBM Case Manager foundation, helps attorneys effectively search, collect, and collaborate to assure the best possible outcome.

More cross-industry solutions built on IBM Case Manager:

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