IBM® Anonymous Resolution enables data sharing that protects the privacy of customers, employees, partners and citizens

It enables multiple organizations to compare proprietary data in a manner that identifies relationships and develops leads but never exposes sensitive data values.

Real-Time, High Performance Software

IBM Anonymous Resolution is based the fundamentals of InfoSphere Identity Insight technologies. Anonymous Resolution creates a real-time, self-correcting repository that adjusts the data set to each new identity received; no refresh or batch windows are required. The quality of the anonymized information directly affects the results produced during the subsequent matching. This is why the solution employs proprietary pre-processing information-enhancing technology for sophisticated data hygiene, normalization, standardization, and enhanced precision, before the Anonymous Resolution process begins.

When predetermined business rules are triggered, alerts are issued. The real-time, streaming data architecture supports thousands of data sources and billions of records. Identities are perpetually managed and content discovery is instantly published.

Privacy enhancement: selectively reveal data specific to the application.

Privacy is enhanced with IBM Anonymous Resolution because the original holders of the information continue to own their clear text, source data. These information holders now operate as gatekeepers for specific "need to know" requests.

"Selective revelation" is an important concept in privacy regulation and compliance. In practice, it means that another party cannot see the information in clear text unless certain criteria are met. IBM Anonymous Resolution achieves another level of privacy safeguarding that could be called "enforced selective revelation." Instead of software controlling who can see what, the original data holders control it. This extra protection drastically reduces the risk associated with "insider threats" and "unintended disclosure"

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