Enables Java as a practical language for Real Time Applications

Providing predictable performance

IBM® WebSphere® Real Time is a Java Runtime Environment and development kit that helps you achieve more consistent performance and service quality for Java applications. It overcomes the unpredictability of application execution time due to Garbage Collection (GC) and Just-in-time (JIT) compiler. IBM WebSphere Real Time enables you to develop applications with low latency and highly predictable response times.

WebSphere Real Time features:

WebSphere Real Time

System requirements

Software prerequisites:

WebSphere Real Time is supported on the following though without the benefit of the RTSJ support.

Certified hardware:

WebSphere Real Time for Linux is certified on multiprocessor variants of the following systems:

WebSphere Real Time for Linux is supported on hardware that runs a supported operating system, and that has these characteristics:

WebSphere Real Time for AIX is certified on multiprocessor variants of Common Hardware Reference Platform (chrp) systems. A system is a CHRP system if the command:
            lscfg -p | fgrep Architectures
replies with:
            Model Architecture: chrp

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