Replace guesswork with precision using Smarter Workforce solutions

You know it is important to make your workforce smarter. After all, tying work to the bottom line is the measure of business success. But with the challenges that businesses face today, employers struggle to find and retain top talent, and often lack the ability to get the best out of the talent they already have.

The need to reinvent work is driven by four major shifts—the rise of social business, big data and analytics, mobile technology and the independent worker. Bringing together each of these four elements and using them to influence business is what a Smarter Workforce is all about. Smarter Workforce combines human insight, technology efficiencies and big data analytics that empower businesses to not only predict outcomes, but to drive them.

Five key areas comprise a Smarter Workforce:

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Whether you are looking for a single solution or a broader workforce solution, IBM offers the products and tools you need to realize the promise of a Smarter Workforce, including:

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Create a Smarter Workforce

Redesign the way your organization attracts, empowers and motivates employees.

Build a smarter human resources function

Learn actionable suggestions for improving employee satisfaction with Human Resources.

The Smarter Workforce workshop

Get personalized consultation to help transform your workforce through a strategic partnership with IBM.

When it comes to recruiting high-quality candidates, IBM has the services you need to tailor a robust recruitment solution for your company—from sourcing strategies to technology and tailored implementation to geography, culture and scope.

The solution toolbox includes full recruitment process outsourcing; project-based recruitment to recruit and source in a short timeframe; sourcing science that uses technology and sourcing techniques to explore multiple sourcing channels; and employment branding to connect with candidates through research, branding and marketing expertise.

Where other companies may focus on just one area of your sourcing and recruitment needs, IBM has the expertise to see the big picture and provide the appropriate solution to help drive success.

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The Smarter Workforce Institute features a multidisciplinary team of expert psychologists and researchers. With offices in London, England and Minneapolis, US, the Institute oversees rigorous, global and innovative research and development programs, spanning all aspects of human capital management.

The Smarter Workforce Institute focuses on:

The team of psychologists and researchers are experts in many areas including employee engagement; motivation and commitment; employee leadership; customer focus and innovation; and leadership issues including women in leadership, gender diversity, the role of critical job assignments in employee development and more.

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Training and tenure

How do you retain your new hires?

Contexts of employee engagement

Learn about employee engagement today and characteristics of best-practice organizations.

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Inventing a smarter workforce

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