Cities everywhere are reinventing themselves. They are re-imagining essential systems, infrastructure and service delivery to promote growth, sustainability and enhanced quality of life. Cities are better integrating across functions, capitalizing on new insights, creating system-wide efficiencies and collaborating in new ways to turn challenges into opportunities while building the strong, differentiating identities that attract new citizens and businesses.

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Cities are comprised of three core operational areas for which specific services are required: Planning & Management, Infrastructure and People. IBM provides solutions within each of these pillars to allow cities to deliver on their potential as never before.

Planning and Management Services

Design and implement a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and businesses; while efficiently running daily operations.


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Health and Social Programs

Provide effective services that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens


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Infrastructure Services

Deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city desirable for citizens


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Combining world-class business, industry and technology expertise, IBM provides the integrated solutions that help visionary leaders achieve their objectives. Drawing on thousands of client engagements and proven strength across the breadth of city operations, only IBM offers the experience that today’s challenges demand.

Deliver citizen-centered services to provide sustainable economic growth and enhanced quality of life, and allow cities to reach their fullest potential:

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Smarter City Operations downloads

  • Aberdeen Group - Fighting Fraud with Big Data Visibility and Intelligence
    Solve the “big data” challenge and provide enterprises with the visibility and intelligence they need to fight fraud with predictive analytics.

  • Deriving insight from data for smarter urban operations
    Addressing the "data rich, information poor" nature of today's cities.

  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software
    Enabling social enterprises to deliver integrated, client-centric services.

  • IBM

    Enhancing a City with Intelligent Video Analytics
    IBM Intelligent Video Analytics extends the capabilities of existing video assets and enhances the effectiveness of safety and traffic management personnel.