IBM® Tivoli® Web Access for Information Management is a Web application for managing your business environment.

It combines the power of Tivoli Information Management for z/OS® with a Web browser to help you resolve problems quickly—before costs rise and customers lose patience.

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Tivoli Web Access for Information Management

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Features, advantages and benefits
Integration with Tivoli management software Strong and continually improving integration with IBM Tivoli’s operational management, and ITSM products including, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (OMEGAMON) environment, Tivoli Software Distribution, Tivoli Inventory, Tivoli NetView®, Tivoli Enterprise Console®, Tivoli Business System Manager, and Tivoli Decision Support (TDS and TDS/390),. Brings InfoMan to the user for more timely and efficient incident, problem and change managements.
Enterprise scalability Scales to 400 gigabytes of information per database, supports multiple databases, and offers industry-leading performance Reduces training costs and administrative complexity, saving both time and money
Full Web Browser functionality Several web options including IBM Tivoli Web Access for InfoMan, StreamFoundry’s CMS and utilities to integrate with customer built applications enable you to create, update, and view information from any supported Web browser Extends the power of InfoMan to the desktop. Provides an easy way to make information available to anyone who needs it
Automatic backups and recovery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Allows users to use the database while backups are running supported Web browser The system can remain active while the backups are running thus eliminating down time
Robust and Flexible API’s Data sharing and management with nearly any application. Allows for a cohesive view of the enterprise for better trending, analysis and reporting.
Mobility Solutions InfoMan and Web Access for InfoMan offer blackberry support for viewing information and approvals. Additional reporting, application and drill down capabilities exist with Vaultus mobility solutions. Real time updates to field professionals. Faster approvals and turn around. Reduced SLA exposure.

Business benefits

Celebrating 25 years of Process and Automation Expertise

25 Years of IT Service Management Expertise

IBM Tivoli® Information Management for z/OS™ (InfoMan) brings 25 years of process and service management expertise as a core piece of the IBM’s IT Service Management (ITSM) for System z™ solution. InfoMan and IBM Tivoli Web Access for Information Management (WAI) deliver:

InfoMan combines a scalable database with a fast process engine and flexible API’s and interfaces providing an enterprise class service management engine accessed from System z, distributed clients and the web. By integrating with IBM and third party enterprise tools, enterprises are able leverage their existing investment and utilize ITSM and IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) "Best Practices".


IBM's approach to IT Service Management — A better way to manage IT
IBM has been involved with ITIL since its inception. IBM's Information Systems Management Architecture (ISMA) served as the foundation for many of the ITIL process definitions. Beyond ISMA and ITIL, we have continued to improve our methods and tools into the most comprehensive IT Service Management solution in the industry. IBM's ITSM helps organizations better manage their IT infrastructure, to more effectively and efficiently deliver IT services. IBM can help ensure IT service continuity by optimizing IT costs by automating reactive IT management processes creating resilient IT services. We can help you improve IT productivity with a predictive approach to IT management and manage compliance and risk in the IT environment. The System z provides an ideal environment for driving enterprise wide, process driven IT Service Management excellence. The ITSM for z portfolio has the tools to manage processes to business demands across the enterprise. Consolidating disparate data sources reduces the complexity of managing multiple point solutions. Leveraging your Operational Management Products (OMPs) gives service support personnel more information to make better decisions for faster action and resolution of issues. Our enterprise class data process engine, integration across the IBM portfolio, strong third party connectors and flexible interfaces give enterprise users access to enterprise aligned processes, where they need it: from the host, to the web browser, to the mobile device.

InfoMan in ITSM for System z – A Service Management solution designed for the large scale enterprise
As a core component of the ITSM for System z solution, InfoMan provides one of the fastest and most reliable, scalable, and secure service engines with minimal additional hardware and software required. The solution is designed to centralize and minimize cost and complexity within the IT environment.


Web, Mobile and IT Operations Integration – Management where you need it!
InfoMan is designed to bring ITSM to the IT Professional not make the user go to it. Interfacing with other Tivoli products, Tivoli Information Management for System z provides the customer with process management synergy. Out of the box linkages to Tivoli Business System Manager, Tivoli NetView®, Tivoli Enterprise Console®, and Tivoli Decision Support (TDS and TDS/390), provides the control and reporting required by customers in today's rapidly changing and highly volatile business environment. With Tivoli NetView® and Tivoli Enterprise Console®, incidents can be created automatically and feed events from other applications. With OMEGAMON® integration a subject matter expert can access InfoMan data directly from their ITM console. With web, e-mail and Blackberry capability, an on-call service support professional can react to real time changes and update tickets with out having to find a dedicated client or even a terminal. With robust and broad API’s, any data can be linked to your InfoMan ITSM tools. Bringing service management to the end user allows informal tickets and changes now get captured. Access from anywhere allows tickets, requests, approvals to happen real time meaning less delays and travel and reduced service level agreement (SLA or OLA) exposure.

Incident, Problem and Change Management
InfoMan allows you to record and maintain incident information, store and search knowledge base entries, escalate to problems and subsequently use this information to proactively address problem areas before they occur. Changes may be maintained to provide controlled and orderly IT implementations without disruptions. Enterprise assets and configurations can be recorded to provide management with enterprise wide information. The product provides this with an enterprise integrated database methodology allowing data from one process to interact and be used in other processes and areas. InfoMan allows customers to access it from their System z environment, through API’s or through the use of a Web browser (Web Access, StreamFoundry’s CMS or customer developed applications). Additionally, the database is packaged with a complete set of open, multi-platform and fully documented Application Program Interface (API) facilities, which allows other program products or customer applications to interface directly with the database.

Incident Management

Problem Management

Problem Data including

Change Management Change Request Entry

Change Data including

Evolution of Tivoli Information Management:
Tivoli Information Management was first introduced in 1981 and used for problem and change management. Most customers were and continue to be fortune 500 companies that have a strong need for a problem and change management application that has the power and flexibility to meet changing business requirements. There were several product revisions over the past two decades, with each release introducing powerful functionality to customer requirements. Most recently, IBM Tivoli InfoMan and Web Access for InfoMan have evolved into a core piece of ITSM Solution for System z customers.

Learn more about IBM Tivoli Information Management for System z

The InfoMan User Group, still going strong!
Thanks to StreamFoundry for hosting the most successful InfoMan Users Conference in years. June 12-14, 2006 in Phoenix, AZ, saw a list of customers including Banks, Credit Card companies, Canadian government agencies, U.S. Prisons and IT Consultants. Some of the topics included:

StreamFoundry is an IBM Business Partner, Tivoli Reseller and Core Supplier of InfoMan applications and services offers InfoMan, ITSM for System z, Service Process and Web Interface expertise.

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