Safeguard sensitive information across production and non-production environments

Safeguarding the privacy of client data isn’t just good business - in many cases, it’s the law. De-identifying or encrypting confidential data are ways to protect privacy and support compliance with regulations like HIPAA, DDP, PIPEDA, PCI DSS and others. The InfoSphere Guardium and InfoSphere Optim solutions deliver powerful database monitoring capabilities along with data transformation and encryption techniques to protect confidential corporate data.

A data breach can cost an organization millions of dollars not to mention damage to their reputation, customer loyalty, loss of revenue and the possibility of fines or other penalties. The InfoSphere solutions provide organizations with a holistic approach to protecting and securing their business-critical information across structured and unstructured data in any environment (production, development, testing and training).

The InfoSphere Guardium and InfoSphere Optim Security and Privacy solutions help organizations by:

The InfoSphere Guardium and InfoSphere Optim solutions support heterogeneous enterprise environments including all major databases, custom applications, ERP solutions and operating platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux and z/OS.

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Optim Data Privacy Solution - PCI Module

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