Dispositivo UTM (Unified Threat Management) che fornisce sei livelli di protezione e prevenzione di rete e gateway.

IBM Proventia Network Multi-Function Security integra sei moduli di sicurezza all'avanguardia in un unico dispositivo dalle prestazioni elevate e facile da utilizzare per proteggere reti e gateway.

IBM Proventia Multi-Function Security (MFS) è una soluzione di gestione delle minacce unificata ed estremamente conveniente, sviluppata per offrire sei moduli di sicurezza all'avanguardia in un unico form factor, facile da installare, configurare e gestire.

Stateful Firewall Protection Facilitates network connectivity and security by providing a mechanism for access control to and from the network Stateful firewall with deep packet inspection capability.
Industry-leading Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Security More than 2,000 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and hundreds more preemptive protection algorithms turned on by default. IBM X-Force backed protection for network and web applications. Defends the customer from network based attacks where remote attackers can intrude and control the customer’s network remotely, and endangers customer privacy and network performance.
IPSec or SSL VPN capability Provides easy remote access with a much lower administrative burden. IPSec VPN - Primarily used for point to point connectivity between remote locations of a network, or for end user connectivity to an organization’s internal network.

SSL VPN - Provides remote access for users. Users with a web browser can access the VPN from anywhere. Administrators can enforce user or group-based access control for remote users, as well as ensure greater security by enforcing client security checks before the user logs into the VPN.
Behavioral and Signature Antivirus Protection More than one million virus signatures for known viruses and behavioral detection of unknown viruses Signature antivirus protection provides protection against malicious files, viruses, and spyware which degrade network performance and compromise the integrity of an organization’s network and data.
Behavioral antivirus provides an extra layer of antivirus which detects new virus threats which signature antivirus does not catch.
Anti-spam/anti-spyware Protection Eliminates time and network drain as a result of spam and spyware exposure. Blocks more than 95% of spam. Multi-layered spyware protection capabilities.
URL Filtering from the World's Largest Database More than 9 billion URLs categorized to the filter list Blocks users from browsing malicious or non-business websites which degrade productivity and put the company at risk of liability and potential attack.
Complete threat mitigation security for remote, branch, and mid-market businesses Reduces management headaches associated with multiple security products Combines six preemptive security modules, plus licensing and maintenance into a single solution at a single price

Features, functionality, highlights

IBM Proventia® Network Multi-Function Security (MFS) is a unified threat management (UTM) device that provides protection at the gateway and network levels without jeopardizing network bandwidth or availability. It combats a variety of threats at once, such as unauthorized access, network attacks, malicious code, blended threats, content-based attacks, spyware and phishing.
Proventia Network MFS integrates these best-of-breed security modules in a single high performance and easy-to-use UTM appliance:

Because running multiple security processes across multiple locations is costly and resource-intensive, the centralized, multi-layered approach offered by Proventia Network MFS is a welcome solution for small businesses as well as the distributed enterprise. You gain premium-class protection while maintaining system and network integrity, lowered costs by streamlining IT operations, plus a simplified security solution that helps mitigate the need for specialized in-house security resources.

UTM featuring some of the world's best security technologies

Proventia Network MFS combines some of the world's most effective security technologies into a single, "all-in-one" appliance:

Award-winning, certified protection

Proventia Network Multi-function Security has achieved many industry-recognized certifications and approval ratings. Most recently, NSS Labs awarded Proventia Network MFS1 with its highly regarded "Approved" rating in its first ever Product Report on PCI Suitability for UTMs, saying, "Support for the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements was very impressive." NSS Labs found that the Proventia Network MFS successfully passed 58 PCI DSS requirements, and supported 59 others indirectly with no failures. Out of 117 tested requirements, Proventia Network MFS supported 100%. NSS also tested 396 exploits that covered a range of operating systems and applications; Proventia Network MFS detected and blocked a total of 373 (94.2%).

Unified threat management - tailored to fit

Proventia Network MFS appliances are rated for different numbers of users, with models for large enterprise deployments as well as small office/home office (SOHO) or remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments. Multiple appliances can be managed centrally by the IBM Proventia Management SiteProtector™ system.

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