Fornisce accesso remoto ai processi di gestione dell'inventario

Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager fornisce accesso remoto ai processi di gestione dell'inventario di Maximo.

Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager consente al personale mobile di collaborare in modo efficiente e di ridurre attività non produttive, amministrative e di immissione dati.

Visualizza funzioni e vantaggi (US)

Features, advantages and benefits
Manage inventory using mobile devices. Perform physical cycle counts. Perform issues, returns and transfers.
Perform receiving processes, including receipt inspections and asset serialization. Utilize bar code and RFID capabilities for inventory tracking and management. Exchange data with Maximo server using the method best suited for your operating environment: real-time wireless, dial-up or docking cradle
Store and forward data when continuous connections are not feasible.

Business benefits

IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager provides remote access to the Maximo inventory management processes such as item information and availability, counts, issues, receipts and transfers.

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