Fornisce funzionalità per il supporto della gestione di asset e attività richiesto per le aziende di pubblico servizio

Supporta la gestione di asset e attività per aziende di pubblico servizio per la trasmissione e la distribuzione di acqua, gas ed energia elettrica.

Migliora l'efficienza di risorse e asset, fornendo una piattaforma per supportare tutte le classi di asset e tutte le attività di fornitura di gas, acqua ed energia elettrica.

Visualizza funzioni e vantaggi (US)

Features, advantages and benefits
Industry specific capabilities for electric, gas and water transmission and distribution Built on Maximo, provides industry specific capabilities to support compatible unit estimating (CUE), crew management, tracking of labor skills and certifications, integration with fixed asset accounting, mobile workforce management, design tools and spatial (GIS) enablement. Aligns with the specific business needs and provides a greater fit out-of-the-box into the complex utility eco-system
Rational consolidation Allows utilities to consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions across business units, including transmission, distribution, power generation, water/wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet, facilities, and IT assets into a single platform and database Lowers total cost of ownership for IT departments while providing a common platform for all asset management users promoting best practice throughout the enterprise
Internet architecture Provides a standards based, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) certified platform that is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled Open architecture that integrates easily with other business applications in the enterprise
Spatial Enablement Supports visualization of assets, locations and work orders, leverages investment in GIS Improves work planning and analysis while reducing data duplication

IBM Maximo for Utilities offers integrated work and asset management for transmission and distribution including compatible unit estimating (CUE), crew management, meter management and GIS integration.

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