Scalable software configuration management for small to large teams

IBM® Rational® ClearCase® is a family of software configuration management solutions that provide version control, automated workspace management, parallel development support and build auditing. This scalable solution supports small workgroups and large, geographically distributed teams. Rational ClearCase provides development flexibility with integrated IDE access, integrations with open source and third-party tools, cross-platform support, remote access and disconnected usage.

Product editions:

Rational ClearCase: is an enterprise-grade configuration management system that provides controlled access to software assets, including requirements, design documents, models, test plans and test results.
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Rational ClearCase MultiSite: Is a software configuration management solution that enables file access for remote sites.
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Rational ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite: About Rational products: Some Rational products require a license key to use the product after it is purchased. Visit the Rational License Key Administration site to learn more or to obtain your license key.

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