Operations Manager for z/VM supports automated operational monitoring and management of z/VM virtual machines and Linux guests. It can help you address issues before they impact your Service Level Agreements.

Systems programmers and administrators can automate routine maintenance tasks in response to system alerts. Users are able to more easily debug problems by viewing and interacting with consoles for service machines and Linux guests. Operators have the ability to better interpret messages and determine corrective actions.

Operations Manager for z/VM:

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Operations Manager for z/VM resources

Operations Manager for z/VM V1.4 and V1.5 run on hardware that meets the minimum specifications of the supported operating environment. All prerequisites and corequisites for these products apply. The products listed here are supported only while service is available for those products.

Operating System Software Hardware
z/VM z/VM V5.4 (5741-A05) System z mainframe servers

z/VM V6.2 (5741-A07), or later

An External Security Manager, such as the RACF Security Server feature for z/VM, for command level authorization, read versus update access to consoles using VIEWCON, or read versus update access to spool files using VIEWSPL

The following materials are available for Operations Manager for z/VM:

IT service management

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Operations Manager for z/VM resources