IBM Tivoli Information Management for z/OS centralise la gestion des incidents informatiques sur votre plateforme IBM System z.

Ce logiciel vous aide à rapidement résoudre les indisponibilités de service et autres problèmes - ceci avant que les coûts ne commencent à s'élever et les clients à perdre patience.

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Tivoli Information Management for z/OS

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Features, advantages and benefits
Integration with Tivoli management software Shares information with networking resources in your computing environment Allows management of resources from a core set of applications
Enterprise scalability Scales to 400 gigabytes of information per database, supports multiple databases, and offers industry-leading performance Reduces training costs and administrative complexity, saving both time and money
Java-based Desktop application Allows you to access Tivoli Information Mangement for z/OS through a workstation GUI Harnesses the power of your mainframe to collect, store, and report on data from all IT resources
Web browser interface Enables you to create, update, and view information from any supported Web browser Extends the power of Tivoli Information Management for z/OS to the desktop. Provides an easy way to make information available to anyone who needs it
Automatic backups and recovery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Allows users to use the database while backups are running supported Web browser The system can remain active while the backups are running thus eliminating down time

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli Information Management for z/OS™ allows you to record and maintain information for problems as they occur and subsequently use this information to proactively address problem areas before they occur. Changes may be maintained to provide controlled and orderly IT implementations without disruptions. Enterprise assets and configurations can be recorded to provide management with enterprise wide information. The product provides this with a host centric integrated database methodology allowing data from one process to interact and be used in other processes and areas.

The database allows customers to interface with it via the traditional 3270 screens or the customer may elect to use the Java™ GUI desktop or through the use of a Web browser. Additionally, the database is packaged with a complete set of open, multi-platform and fully documented Application Program Interface (API) facilities, which allows other program products or customer applications to interface directly with the database.

Interfacing with other Tivoli products, Tivoli Information Management for z/OS provides the customer with process management synergy. Out of the box linkages to Tivoli Business System Manager, Tivoli Software Distribution, Tivoli Inventory, Tivoli NetView®, Tivoli Enterprise Console®, and Tivoli Decision Support (TDS and TDS/390), provides the control and reporting required by customers in today's rapidly changing and highly volatile business environment.

Evolution of Tivoli Information Management:

Tivoli Information Management was first introduced in 1981 as a 3270 product used for problem and change management. Most customers were and continue to be fortune 500 companies that have a strong need for a problem and change management application that has the power and flexibility to meet changing business requirements. There were several product revisions over the past two decades, with each release introducing powerful and timely functionality to customer requirements. Most recently, Tivoli Management customers communicated the market requirements for a web solution and IBM Tivoli Web Access for Information Management was introduced. It is the graphical user interface that is user friendly, customizable and easily installed. Tivoli Web Access for Information Management uses a OS/390 or z/OS database that can be accessed from any web browser worldwide, providing the ability for use by new user communities which are unable to use 3270 interfaces.

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