End-to-end, message-level security for IBM MQ environments

IBM MQ Advanced Message Security
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IBM® MQ Advanced Message Security extends the security features available in IBM MQ by providing end-to-end message-level security through signing and encryption. It can help ensure the integrity and privacy of all messages, even when they are at rest in queues. IBM MQ Advanced Message Security enables enterprise-wide, remote management of security polices and can be deployed to existing production environments without changes to existing IBM MQ applications.

IBM MQ Advanced Message Security is available as a separate entitlement or through IBM MQ Advanced.

IBM MQ Advanced Message Security includes:

End-to-end, message-level security

Data encryption and authentication

Centralized policy capabilities

Integration with IBM MQ and other products

IBM MQ Advanced Message Security enhances the security support of IBM MQ with end-to-end, application-level, data protection features.

In IBM MQ V8.0 this is integrated into IBM MQ itself, subject to purchase of licensing entitlement before use on all platforms including IBM i. While separately licensed with IBM MQ, license entitlement for IBM MQ Advanced Message Security is included with IBM MQ Advanced or IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS.

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