IBM continuous testing solutions provide agile project teams with continuous feedback to fully integrate testing into their software development lifecycle. These solutions help developers test earlier with greater coverage, removing traditional testing bottlenecks such as unavailable test environments.

IBM offers extensive continuous testing solutions that include user interface and integration test automation, performance testing and service virtualization to meet DevOps testing challenges.

  • Service Virtualization, DUMMIES


    Read Service Virtualization for Dummies for tips on how service virtualization can improve your software quality efforts.

  • Analyst report

    Read the Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015.

Featured continuous testing offers

"Shift left" for higher quality at greater speed

See how "shift left" practices can be used to test earlier and continuously to reduce long back-end test cycles.

Continuous testing for faster delivery

Learn how continuous testing can help accelerate software delivery.

The future of testing

Uncover the common obstacles that testers encounter and where they spend their time.

Test early, test often in DevOps lifecycle

See why continuous testing is an effective quality management method for agile development.

IBM continuous testing products provide a critical link between development and IT operations to accelerate the delivery of higher quality software.

Featured continuous testing products

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Achieving continuous testing

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Continuous testing offers

  • Mobile app development and testing

    See how service virtualization can support mobile app development and testing.