Extend the Adobe® Flex® and Adobe AIR™ platforms by adding user interface controls for a more intuitive, interactive display

IBM ILOG Elixir provides Flex user interface developers with a collection of innovative display components.

Elixir consists of 11 highly Flex graphical components that present data to users so that they can understand the information more clearly, react faster and make better decisions.

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IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

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Operating SystemSoftwareHardware

Fedora 12 x86-32

Ubuntu 9.10 x86-32

Mac OS:

X 10.6 Leopard x86-32


Windows 7 Enterprise x86-32
Windows 7 Home Premium x86-32
Windows 7 Professional x86-32
Windows 7 Starter x86-32
Windows 7 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista Basic x86-32
Windows Vista Business x86-32
Windows Vista Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista Home Premium x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Business x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Business x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Enterprise x86-32
Windows Vista SP2 Ultimate x86-32
Windows Vista Ultimate x86-32
Windows XP SP3 Professional x86-32
For development:

Adobe Flex SDK 4.5

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 (or later) integrated development environment

For desktop deployment:

Adobe AIR 2.6

For browser deployment:

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 (or later)
• Disk space: 200MB for installation


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