IBM WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment es un entorno de ejecución para el despliegue de aplicaciones integradas.

Ofrece un entorno de ejecución a nivel de producción para aplicaciones integradas que cumple los principios del desarrollo de sistemas integrados.

Features and benefits

WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment and J9

At the core of IBM WebSphere® Everyplace Custom Environment is the IBM J9™ virtual machine, a runtime for Java software programs. The software will run CDC-class applications. J9 has been optimized for each of the supported reference platforms--critical when every byte of memory is tracked and the need for application performance is paramount. Based on 20-years experience in the embedded virtual machine business, J9 is widely used in production and proven in independent testing to provide a fast and reliable runtime environment for embedded systems.

The class libraries included in WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment provide the developer or software engineer with maximum flexibility over the function-versus-footprint tradeoff. To keep the application and the runtime environment as small as possible, application developers can use JAPT and Jar2jxe tools to eliminate unneeded classes, methods, and fields from the application and runtime class libraries.

WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment Platform Support

Through IBM and business partners, WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment can be made available for numerous reference platform implementations such as QNX®, embedded Linux, OSE™, and ITRON. With support for the market-leading processors such as the ARM, X86, PowerPC™, MIPS, and SH4, WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment delivers a solution for things that link and think.

WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment Availability

WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment is attractively priced for deployment to embedded devices. IBM Business Partners provide WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment runtime platforms supporting QNX and other embedded configurations.

This software is only available through certain IBM OEM business partners. Please contact your IBM representative for more information.

Configurable virtual machine

At the core of both WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment and WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment is the IBM J9 virtual machine. It can interpret bytecodes. The J9 virtual machine implements a configurable, compact, fast, and predictable architectural layer that provides a common interface for application programs regardless of the underlying device hardware or operating system. J9 runs on an operating system ( QNX, embedded Linux, etc.) and manages the specific interfaces with the operating system and device hardware. For this reason, the virtual machine is carefully designed with portability in mind. It is implemented through an operating-system-independent layer that uses the most appropriate resources from the underlying RTOS.

In a resource-constrained environment, such as a handheld computer, configuration flexibility is very important. The J9 virtual machine is configurable over a wide range of settings, including the following:

Single-source virtual machine

When porting an application to cover as many devices as possible, having a consistent virtual machine implementation across the different environments makes porting the application easier and faster. The virtual machine abstracts the application developer from the nuances of each different environment.

IBM single-sources its J9 virtual machine across multiple platforms (PPC, SH4, x86, etc.), across multiple operating systems (QNX, Linux, etc.), and multiple configurations so that the behavior of the virtual machine is consistent. Porting applications from one configuration to another configuration and from device to device is easier.

Development tools:

You can develop Java software applications using various tools, including IBM Rational® Application Developer or the Eclipse development platform. A tool set plug-in for Rational Application Developer or Eclipse is available upon request to commercial developers.

WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment (WEME) Toolkit provides tools for developing Java ME (CDC/Foundation) applications on a Windows workstation for deployment on a range of target devices. WEME Toolkit provides functions such as registering WEME/J9 runtime, creating project, launching, debugging and profiling applications in the Eclipse IDE. The Toolkit also provides command line tools, such as key tools, which are needed for Java ME application development and deployment. The Toolkit runs a developer's application code targeted for an embedded device. It provides “on target debugging” where developers can use tools on their workstation to connect to an embedded device with the ability to debug or profile application code running on that device. The WEME Toolkit is packaged as an "Eclipse Feature" and provided as a plug-in to Eclipse. This toolkit cannot be used for deploying to Windows x86-based WEME target devices.

Features included in the software are these:

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