Entorno de desarrollo integrado y fácil de utilizar para aplicaciones TPF.

IBM TPF Toolkit es un entorno de desarrollo integrado y basado en Eclipse que le permite editar, compilar y depurar sus aplicaciones de IBM Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) de manera remota desde la estación de trabajo. TPF Toolkit admite el desarrollo de aplicaciones TPF e IBM z/TPF.

TPF Toolkit incluye herramientas basadas en la estación de trabajo que resultan fáciles de utilizar y personalizar.

Entorno de trabajo integrado

Acceso a sistemas remotos

Editores locales y remotos

Herramientas de servicios web

Depurador remoto

Análisis de rendimiento

Recursos de TPF Toolkit

System requirements

The following table lists the recommended minimum hardware and software requirements for this product.

Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
Linux on System z TCP/IP (installed and configured)

Optional. IBM Developer Kit for Linux Java™ 2 Technology Edition 5.0 31-bit or 64-bit zSeries. This is required to run the Remote System Explorer.

Optional. OpenSSH server that supports the SSH2 protocol

REXEC or SSH server enabled.

Optional. Distributed File Service - SMB.

Optional. Network File System - NFS

Other TPF 4.1 - PUT 15 or 16 with APARs PJ28041, PJ28176 (CXML), PJ29430, and PJ27905 applied or PUT 17 with APAR PJ29430 applied.

TPF 4.1 - If APAR PJ28649 (merged Assembler/C debug capability) is applied, then APAR PJ29585 must also be applied.

TPF 4.1 - TPF Debug Views APARs PJ31891 and PJ32240 ( SW00SR View)

z/TPF - See the z/TPF and z/TPFDF Migration Guide available in the IBM TPF Product Information Center.

z/TPF - Latest PUT Level is recommended

z/TPF - Debugger APAR PJ31357, TPF Views APAR PJ31890, SW00SR View APAR PJ32221, and Registration Enhancements APAR PJ34615

z/TPF - Performance Analysis APARs PJ31771 and PJ31854

z/TPF - Web Services APAR PJ31953

z/TPFDF - APAR PK77217

Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional Optional. Hummingbird Maestro V10.0 or higher Intel™ Pentium® III 800 MHz Processor (minimum requirement)

650 MB disk space (English only). The IBM Support Assistant (optional install) requires an additional 90 MB disk space.

512 MB RAM minimum (1 GB recommended if running multiple applications)

17" Monitor, XGA display 1024 x 768 (minimum requirement)
z/OS OS/390 C/C++ V2R10 or z/OS C/C++ V1R7 or higher

High Level Assembler

z/OS Communication Server (TCPIP with REXEC or SSH server enabled)

Optional. Distributed file system - Server Message Block (SMB)

Optional. Network File System (NFS)

z/OS UNIX System Services

Optional. IBM Ported Tools for z/OS. This contains a ported version of the OpenSSH application, and is required if you want to access your remote host using the SSH protocol.

Optional. IBM 31-bit SDK for z/OS Java™ 2 Technology Edition, V5

IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS Java 2 Technology Edition, V5 (required to run the Remote System Explorer)

1.0 Client system requirements

Each workstation must meet the following requirements:

Note: If you plan on shell-sharing TPF Toolkit and Rational Team Concert (RTC) - that is, installing RTC within the same Eclipse instance as TPF Toolkit - ensure that your workstation meets the minimum requirements for RTC.

The TPF Toolkit client supports either 32 or 64 bit operation depending on the hardware and operating system configuration.

1.1 z/OS system requirementss

The z/OS system requires that you have z/OS 1.12 (or higher)
installed on your system, in addition to:

1.2 Linux for zSeries requirements

For detailed information on the development system requirements for z/TPF Enterprise Edition V1.1, see the IBM TPF Product Information Center located here: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/tpfhelp/current/index.jsp

Detailed information can be found in z/TPF->Reference->Migration->Operating environment requirements and planning information->Software->Required Linux Software

Additional Linux for zSeries system requirements include the following:

Note: The OpenSSH server must be configured to use the SSH2 protocol and allow password and key authentication.

1.3 TPF system requirements

It is recommended that the TPF system be at the latest PUT level for complete function and stability of the following components: debugger, performance analysis, web services, and code coverage.

The following are the minimum requirements:
TPF 4.1:

z/TPF 1.1

The IBM® TPF Toolkit is continually being updated with new features and capabilities for enhancing and modernizing your Eclipse-based development environment.

TPF Toolkit V4.2 provides:


Platform Updates

New debugging tools

Code Coverage Histogram View

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