IBM Tivoli Remote Control es una solución para dar soporte y controlar PC y servidores desde una ubicación central.

Visualice y controle los escritorios y las estaciones de trabajo remotos en cualquier lugar de su red, gracias a herramientas de registro centralizado, captura de sesiones de vídeo y cifrado de secuencias de datos completas.

Features, advantages and benefits


Apply policies that ensures that all sessions are recorded for audit purposes Sessions can be automatically recorded on specified end user machines An audit trail is always available for compliance or security checks
Apply policies that limit the actions that can be taken on an end user machine Policies can be tailored to match the needs the organization Users with sensitive data on their machines are automatically protected
Audit logs are kept both centrally and locally Logs kept both centrally and locally prevents tampering Logs kept both centrally and locally adds another degree of audit strength
Authorizations can be differentiated to reflect individual Help Desk Agent’s skill levels The risk of Help Desk Agents unintentionally making mistakes is reduced Reduced risk of business interruptions due to Help Desk Agents errors
Help desk sessions can be recorded and replayed for Help Desk Agent training purposes. Training of Help Desk Agents can be individualized, and customized. Feedback can be given based on the actual help sessions performed Reduced training costs and time for Help Desk Agents.
Help Desk Agents can give/and revoke control to/from other Agents as needed to resolve a ticket. Hand-over of tickets to specialists can be done seamlessly within the Help Desk organization No need to re-open the session when a case is handed over to an other Agent. End users experience an uninterrupted and faster resolution process which enhances the experience
Several Help Desk Agents can use the collaboration capabilities to resolve complex problems where several specialists need to be involved No need to use separate collaboration tools when involving several specialists in resolving complex problems The end-user does not have to be the “link” between support specialists.
Tivoli Remote Control supports the Vista platform Help Desk Agents can use the same tool to support end-users on Vista as they use for other platforms End-users on Vista will get the same support as users on the old OS platform. No additional expenses to educate the Help Desk Agents on a new tool.


Business benefits

IBM Tivoli® Remote Control gives you the ability to remotely support and control thousands of PCs and servers - on an enterprise scale - from a central location. Using the Tivoli Remote Control administration Web interface, you can view and control a remote desktop, including its keyboard and mouse, anywhere on your network. You can also chat, transfer files, remotely guide the users, administer the policies to be applied to different users and target groups, and much more. These features can help provide efficient and effective analysis of user problems from the administrator’s desktop, without the added cost of dispatching a technician or relying on user descriptions over the phone. Tivoli Remote Control can deliver better support, more flexibility, and richer security, with robust features that include enhanced central logging and video capture of the sessions, and full data stream encryption.

Tivoli Remote Control is easy to deploy and maintain. Plus it includes several search facilities for locating targets, users, and audit and recording information for a given session, providing a quick connection to the target workstation or the audit information relevant to any given session.

IBM Tivoli Remote Control 5.1 provides desktop support call centers with functionality critical to achieving their goals:

Learn how IBM Tivoli Remote Control can advance your shift from systems management to the more advanced IBM Service Management. IT Service Management will help you to make ITIL actionable, reduce costs, manage complexity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Customer Quote

"We are a major healthcare corporation and have been using Tivoli Remote Control for remote monitoring of 16,000 end user workstations for the last 2 years. We evaluated the new version of this product and found the enhanced Auditing and Video recording of helpdesk actions allows us to make more use of the remote take-over capabilities of desktops in our regulated healthcare environment.

The biggest concern related to the use any type of remote control tool in the healthcare industry is obviously privacy and confidentiality. For this reason, we previously have had to scale back the use of control quite considerably in order to protect patient information. Tivoli Remote Control 5.1 helps address this concern at the support front. This will reduce the time to resolve problems significantly."
-- IT Director, Healthcare Provider on the East coast

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