Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment IBM Systems Director Edition

Automate and manage remote deployment of operating systems

IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment for ISDE automates and manages the remote deployment of operating systems from IBM Systems Director.

With an easy to use interface, TPMfOSD ISDE provides cloning and unattended setup for Windows and, Linux servers for remote installation of operating systems and software on many computers simultaneously. This market leading solution provides automation that will help reduce operating costs.

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Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment IBM Systems Director Edition

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Imaging engine Creates file-based images of operating systems Rapid creation of cloned images saves administrator time.
Hardware inventory Collect key information about the hardware Better target the appropriate OS and configuration set, before installing OS
Universal image and driver injection Use a single core image to support multiple hardware types Save administrator time creating images. Reduce image proliferation and related management cost.
Disk read-write access Create, read, and modify file systems such as NTFS, EXT-2, or EXT-3 and LVM Save time and resources with full automation
Network distribution Leverage its network access to download and upload files on the network Supports multicast for broad distributions
Network database access Leverage a network database to store and retrieve provisioning data, and to communicate with the Web console.
OS configuration Read and write registry entries in Windows, configuration files in Linux, AIX, Solaris to support OS configurations, including multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs), and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).
Easy-to-use GUI E-mail notifications about activity success or failure can be easily configured
Image Caching Create a hidden partition on the local hard drive to store a clean copy of the standard configuration image. Enable fast and accurate restoration of the desired system configuration and eliminate undesired changes.
Offline access to disk images Modify the image on the managed server without re-imaging.
CD and DVD-based provisioning Save an image to a disk and manually insert it into the target drive for installation
Secure disk disposal Hard disk can be completely written over with meaningless data, permanently erasing all previously stored data. Ensure security and confidentiality by permanently erasing the content of a hard disk.
Golden master A master image can be retained in a separate partition on the local hard disk, thus restore desired configuration state or unauthorized changes.

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