OMEGAMON® XE on z/VM® and Linux provides a wide range of information about the z/VM and Linux on System z operating systems.

Information about your Linux® instances running as z/VM guests and the Linux workloads reveal how they are performing and affecting z/VM and each other.

Features, advantages and benefits
Compare Linux operations side by side with detailed performance metrics from other important systems Track performance information such as CPU usage, I/O statistics and network performance across multiple platforms and systems See system interdependencies and monitor bottlenecks and other problems to tune for performance and availability
Ease-to-create customized workspaces Tie together reports, graphics, 3270 and HTML data Investigate performance across all your mainframe and distributed systems – without the need for advanced scripting or coding skills
Automate problem notification and resolution The Situation Editor lets you easily configure intelligent alerts that use detailed if/and/or logic. The ability to tailor those alerts to specific conditions within your environment provides granular control Extends management reach by alerting you at the first sign of trouble, so you can monitor your systems more proactively
Different views for different audiences High-level views help executives understand how systems performance influences business and the bottom line. Granular views let IT staff more easily track complex problems across multiple systems and platforms, and share related information. Give your technical, management and business teams views of the data they need based on their job responsibilities

Business benefits

V4.1.1 Release

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux provides a wide range of information about the z/VM operating system, its resources and workloads. Information on Linux instances running as z/VM guests and the Linux workloads reveal how these instances and workloads on Linux are performing and impacting z/VM and each other.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux utilizes the data collection from the Performance Toolkit for VM (PTK is a prerequisite) and complements it with data collection by the ITM Linux for zSeries agent. The Performance Tool Kit is the foundation for gathering z/VM metrics; it has proven to be rich in information and provides the ideal base for z/VM data input to OMEGAMON XE on z/VM Linux. The Linux agent has been the basis for monitoring Linux on all platforms. OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux takes advantage of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) and allows for all of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal alerting, action and integration capabilities to be utilized.

New Dynamic Workspace Linking (DWL) allows you to easily navigate between Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces. The advanced linking of DWL aids problem determination, improves integration across your monitoring solutions, and allows you to quickly determine the root cause of a problem. Predefined cross-product links provided by the OMEGAMON XE products allow you to obtain additional information about systems, subsystems, resources or network components that are being monitored and managed.

OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux V4.1.1 is fully globalized and translated into group one languages.
Note: This offering requires z/VM 5.2 or higher to be the platform being monitored and at least one Linux guest running SLES 9 or higher or RHEL 4.6 or higher with DCSS support.

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