El repositorio principal para todos los datos históricos de gestión de sistemas y la base para todas las soluciones de creación de informes de Tivoli

Tivoli Data Warehouse resuelve este problema al convertirse en el almacén de datos central donde se agregan y correlacionan los datos históricos de todas las aplicaciones de gestión para que los utilicen:

Features, advantages and benefits
Open and extendable architecture Allows IT to deposit management data from their entire Tivoli Enterprise Management environment into the warehouse Leverages your current investment in enterprise management solutions
Web-based reporting, including standard out-of-the-box report templates Allows IT staff to easily initiate, schedule and customize reports for a varied audience such as company executives and internal IT staff. Enables Tivoli applications to provide standard ready-to-use reports Provides IT an efficient vehicle to communicate their value-add to their internal customers
User-based security Allows IT to determine who can view and/or modify specific reports Helps prevent business-critical information from getting into the wrong hands
Industry Standard Methods (Extract, Transform, Load) Allows IT to use standard skills to gain additional value from the data warehouse Helps identify customer trends, predict new business needs and support LOB planning

Business benefits

Tivoli Data Warehouse is an embedded technology that provides the backbone repository for all historical systems management data and the basis for all Tivoli reporting solutions. While the amount of management data gathered continues to grow, the data is not being used effectively for IT business-relevant decisions. Tivoli Data Warehouse solves this problem by being the central data store where historical data from all management applications is aggregated and correlated for use by:

Tivoli Data Warehouse is provided for enabled Tivoli brand applications at no additional charge. Support for Tivoli applications is out-of-the-box and being delivered in phases that began in April 2002. This technology provides a powerful repository that simplifies data consolidation and centralization for Tivoli brand applications. This technology enables consistent reporting methods, as well as common look and feel, from across the entire enterprise. In addition, Tivoli Data Warehouse provides the foundation for applications that analyze historical data, allowing you to identify customer trends, predict new business needs, support LOB planning or perform other valuable predictive management tasks.

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