Supervise y proteja el entorno de DFSMShsm.

IBM Tivoli Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm y IBM Tivoli Advanced Reporting for DFSMShsm se integran y permiten a las empresas disponer de un entorno de DFSMShsm en buen estado.

Features, advantages and benefits
Evaluates migration control datasets (MCDS), backup control datasets (BCDS) and offline control datasets (OCDS) Resolves structural and logical discrepancies in your DFSMShsm environment Reduces the chances that migrated data will be prevented from being recalled or backup data will be prevented from being restored
Updates audit panel with information about potential problems Alerts users quickly to potential problems so that they can be diagnosed and resolved before they result in an outage Helps avoid system outages
Multiple levels of tape audit intensity Intelligently focuses high-resource functions where needed Tape audits that are significantly faster than those possible with traditional DFSMShsm audit media controls
Easy-to-use interface Helps users to quickly understand, analyze and resolve DFSMShsm environment problems before they result in an outage Helps avoid system outages
Integration with Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) Provides graphical user interface making it easier to view HSM audit reports allowing users to analyze and resolve problems before they result in an outage Helps avoid system outages

Business benefits

Tivoli Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm is one of the IBM Tivoli Lifecycle and Retention Storage Management offerings, which leverage hierarchical storage management (HSM) to help control storage growth and the costs of the global regulatory environment for storing, bookkeeping and compliance of data for long periods via backup, archive, migration and recall management. The software’s powerful archiving capabilities support application performance and maintenance, to meet compliance requirements for security, auditing and governmental regulations.

There are many opportunities for errors to creep into DFSMShsm control data sets. You could have damaged or lost pointers, missing records or migration tapes that fail to recycle. In large environments with aggressive data migration policies, errors and failures are particularly labor-intensive to resolve — and require technicians to have in-depth knowledge of DFSMShsm records, pointers, chains and DFSMShsm FIXCDS commands.

To help you resolve structural and logical discrepancies that can prevent migrated data from being recalled or backup data from being restored, Tivoli Advanced Audit for DFSMShsm evaluates migration control data sets (MCDS), backup control data sets (BCDS) and offline control data sets (OCDS). It also correlates entries with the integrated catalog facility (ICF) catalog environment to help maintain consistency.

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