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IBM Collaborative Lifecycle
Management on Cloud
Optimized for cloud and hybrid delivery

IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud

Optimized for cloud and hybrid delivery

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IBM® Rational® Collaborative Lifecycle Management is an application lifecycle management solution that includes IBM Rational Team Concert™, IBM Rational DOORS® Next Generation and IBM Rational Quality Manager products.

The inclusion and integrations of these products in one solution delivers requirements management, quality management, change and configuration management and project planning and tracking capabilities on a single platform. It enables teams to start with one product to address immediate needs and add capabilities as their needs evolve.

Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management includes an integrated Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) template to accelerate adoption of SAFe practices—a codified, public knowledge base used to scale Lean-Agile development across the enterprise.

Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management features:

Real-time planning

Lifecycle traceability

In-context collaboration

Development intelligence

Continuous improvement

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IBM Support for SAFe

Discover the key capabilities of IBM support for SAFe and more.

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

For your convenience, the tabs below identify the supported releases of Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution from which you can select detailed system requirement reports for different contexts (by Operating System, by component). Note that clicking a link will always generate a new, up-to-date report.

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6.0.1 Release

5.0.2 Release

Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management V6.0 includes:

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