IBM Rational Synergy and Change Suite es una oferta completa

IBM Rational Synergy and Change Suite combina el valor de IBM Rational Synergy e IBM Rational Change y simplifica las licencias ofreciendo estas soluciones en un único producto que puede obtener licencia. Las organizaciones globales ahora pueden aprovechar un proceso de desarrollo colaborativo por todo el mundo.

Features and Benefits

The IBM Rational Synergy and Change Suite combines the value of IBM Rational Synergy and IBM Rational Change and simplifies licensing by offering these solutions into a single licensable product. Global organizations can now leverage a collaborative development process across the globe. IBM Rational Synergy and IBM Rational Change provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to ever changing business needs and give visibility to all levels of the development process and the evolving Enterprise Change process.

IBM® Rational® Synergy and Rational Change provide that platform by bringing together your global teams on a common repository for systems and software development. Together with its bottom-up support for achieving agility through task-based configuration management and advanced software change management (SCM) capabilities, you can enable seamless collaboration for optimal value.

Organizations need a managed process to keep track of changes to user requirements that go into the finished product. Synergy and Change feature advanced capabilities for high-end systems and software delivery. Additional integrations with solutions from IBM Rational, including Rational DOORS, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Rhapsody and Rational Focal Point, extend the solution environment. IBM supported integrations with third parties are also available.

Rational Synergy:

The IBM® Rational® Synergy environment is a task-based configuration management solution, providing capabilities that help software and systems development teams work faster and easier by improving communication and collaboration.
Rational Synergy brings together your global, distributed development teams on a unified change, configuration and release management platform.

The Rational Synergy solution helps accelerate release and build management processes, assisting in amplifying the efficiency of limited development resources, and aiding in uniting distributed development teams. Rational Synergy helps improve wide area network (WAN) performance for global workers and distant sites. This feature helps enable team members from around the world to work together on a central Rational Synergy database over the WAN, aiding in reducing the need for replication and simplifying complex development challenges.

The Rational Synergy solution offers capabilities to help organizations improve the quality of their distributed development processes. The environment supports development in both centralized and distributed modes. The tool features a powerful process engine for collaborative development, helping support software reuse and component-based development, assisting your efforts to meet scalability and resilience targets with integrations from IBM Rational and IBM partners. To support dispersed, collaborative global teams, you need a unifying platform that enables cooperation for maximized value creation.

The Rational Synergy configuration management solution helps you with:

Rational Change:

IBM® Rational® Change™, a Web-based, integrated, enterprise change management solution for request tracking and reporting, can help you increase quality by reducing the risk of unwanted or unauthorized changes being implemented. It can increase accountability through comprehensive change tracking and change control. It also helps unify software development, IT and other teams for effective decision making.

Rational Change assists your organization in streamlining and centralizing its ALM processes by managing changes to development, system and IT artifacts through a central change server. Geographically remote users use their Web browser to request changes or defects, to submit tasks, and to transition changes to new states. Once the change request or task is edited or moved to a new state, it is automatically synchronized in real-time to the correct remote databases, which helps eliminate errors and ensure that the correct work is performed in the right environment.

The central change management repository architecture offers change request management and problem tracking across distributed databases. Furthermore, it helps enforce formal traceability between the change requests and engineering tasks that drive your production environment.

Rational Change provides enterprise-wide change control through:

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