IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for WebSphere® InterChange Server helps your protect your application performance and availability.

It analyzes WebSphere InterChange Server metrics based on thresholds you set, displaying the data dynamically and generating automated alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

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Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere InterChange Server

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Features, advantages and benefits
Server, connector and collaboration metrics provide insight into the performance and availability of the entire InterChange Server environment Drill-down from summary to detail enables system administrators to locate, identify and resolve bottlenecks and outages Fewer and shorter interruptions to mission critical or time-sensitive applications
Operational controls enable servers, connectors and collaborations to be started and stopped manually or automatically No need for administrators to change user interface to effect status changes Remedial action can be taken more quickly, even automatically, further reducing system outage times
Logs from multiple servers can be viewed from a single user interface Detailed server diagnostic messages can be viewed from a common point Simplifies and speeds problem diagnosis
Unified, browser-based interface presents broker performance metrics of entire middleware environment from a single vantage point Easy to understand charts and tabular data track performance from a single pane of glass Equips operators to effectively manage performance across all components within the InterChange Server application environment
Situation editor lets you move beyond simple thresholds and helps easily define complex thresholds, situations and alerts See detailed information about what triggered the alert; Expert Advice suggests possible solutions based on industry best practices Designed to help eliminate false alarms and promote the sharing of skills; complex alerts can be created by novices and experts
Take Action helps resolve common problems Use existing scripts or ones easily created from templates Implement resolutions automatically or select and apply manually
Workspaces can be customized and stored to contain views of critical events and conditions with user-selectable charts and reports Custom workspaces can be created for special job functions Each user gets the information they need

Business benefits

WebSphere® InterChange Server technology can be used to automate business processes, tie customer data together and connect trading partners via the Internet. The business process flows (known as collaborations) in WebSphere InterChange Server enable complex application interactions to take place entirely without user intervention. This functionality makes it even more important to protect the performance and availability of your mission-critical or time-sensitive applications.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE for WebSphere InterChange Server allows you to drill down to see how multiple tasks are executing by checking message flows, queues, connectors and collaborations. It analyzes metrics based on thresholds you set, displaying the data in dynamic charts and tables as well as generating automated alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

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