IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for WebSphere® Application Server helps you deduce defects that slow your Web initiatives

It gives you a look into your application server's enables you to quickly pinpoint problems that can lead to a loss of customers and business.

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Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Application Server

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Features, advantages and benefits
More than 800 tracked performance metrics enable users to better understand what is happening within WebSphere Application Server One tool can be used to identify and isolate virtually any J2EE application problem, such as poorly performing EJBs, servlets, SQL calls, issues with JMS, JMDI, JTA, memory, etc. Comprehensive performance management capabilities for all aspects of WebSphere Application Server
Memory management capabilities track JVM garbage collection rates, heap allocation failures, and memory allocation requests Centralizes all memory-related metrics into an intuitive Suspected Memory Leaks workspace, which tracks live heap objects not freed by the garbage collector, identifying suspect workloads Equips application owners and testers with the ability to track memory leaks down to the exact line of code where the issue is suspected
Workload analysis provides a real-time snapshot of overall Web application performance -- measuring performance issues across all types of Java components Easy-to-understand bar chart maps application performance of a Web application at any given point in time Designed to eliminate the difficulty of understanding the overall performance of a Web application at any given point in time
Performance metrics presented in intuitive charts and tabular data; drill down to uncover slowdowns, analyze them, and fix them Identify workloads that are looping, waiting for a resource, waiting for a lock, or otherwise in-flight Helps companies that struggle to identify, isolate, diagnose, and resolve Web application slowdowns, such as memory leaks, lock contentions, in-flight workload, EJB method contention, CTG/JCA delays, etc.
Intuitive Web browser interface Enables you to monitor the interaction of your WebSphere Application Server within a single interface from any location Designed to allow you to quickly and easily detect and pinpoint the source of application problems without extensive training
Situation editor lets you move beyond simple thresholds and helps easily define complex thresholds, situations, and alerts See detailed information about what triggered the alert; Expert Advice suggests possible solutions based on industry best practices Designed to help eliminate false alarms and promote the sharing of skills; complex alerts can be created by novices and experts
Take Action helps resolve common problems Use existing scripts or ones easily created from templates Implement resolutions automatically or select and apply manually if preferred
Workspaces can be customized and stored to contain views of critical events and conditions with user-selectable charts and reports Custom workspaces can be created for special job functions Each user gets only the information needed

Business benefits

Peering inside the application server is a good way to deduce defects that slow your Web initiatives. IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE for WebSphere® Application Server lets you see inside the "black box" to quickly pinpoint problems that can lead to a loss of customers and business. Performance problems that once took days or weeks to find can often be isolated in minutes or hours. During testing, it can help you track bottlenecks down to the method and API call levels. And in production, it can monitor and centrally administer the performance of Web applications.

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