IBM® Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE for IMS™ on z/OS® helps optimize performance and availability of vital IMS systems

It can reduce potential delays or outages by reporting coupling facility structure statistics, shared queue counts, database lock conflicts, and other critical IMS Attributes.

Features, advantages and benefits
Enhanced 3270 User Interface Presents color coded comprehensive views across multiple sysplex Simplify and faster monitoring and management from a single view z/OS and subsystems
Built-in Problem Solving Scenarios Based on customer input, User Interface built to focus on typical IT problems to all for faster finding and fixing of those problems Increased system availability by finding problems before they become outages. Improved productivity by simplifying work required by SMEs to monitor and manage the mainframe
Tivoli Monitoring Installation, Configuration and Maintenance with new Self-Describing Agent and Parmgen support Simplifies the set-up and configuration of OMEGAMON. Provides pre-configured parameters and fewer jobs to install and update Saves SME time, provides faster installation, decreases the maintenance window and with fewer jobs decreases failures
Collect and summarize information about key resources, such as enqueue, I/O, CPU, paging rates, pool storage and buffer pool metrics Helps achieve both granular and system-wide views of IMS operations Measure resource usage and optimize transaction processing
Situation Editor to define complex thresholds, situations and alerts Use automation to respond promptly to problems. See detailed information about what triggered the alert. Expert Advice suggests possible solutions based on industry best practices Designed to help eliminate false alarms and promote sharing of skills; complex alerts can be created by and for novices and experts
Workspaces can be customized and stored to contain views of critical events and conditions with user-selectable charts and reports Create Custom workspaces for special job functions Improve productivity by providing each user only the information needed for their particular assignment or job

New V5.1


Introducing a significant redesign to OMEGAMON V5.1 family, based on high priority customer requirements. OMEGAMON is providing new capabilities designed for:

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