IBM® Tivoli Netcool®/Realtime Active Dashboards provides advanced, real-time visualization of services and processes.

Using its service dependency model, your business and operations staff can understand the complex relationships between business services and supporting technology.

Features, advantages and benefits
Real-time business and operational metrics Calculates metrics using realtime and historical data of any type from virtually any source. Streamlines problem resolution and improve staff efficiency.
Role-based dashboard views Customizes the content of dashboard views to reflect user responsibilities Strategically aligns business and operational requirements.
Realtime access to event and dependency data Accesses configuration and business information from virtually any data source Delivers against operational, line of business and customer SLAs
Dynamic Federated Information Model Automatically updates the service model with realtime federated information Assures the availability, performance, and integrity of business services.
Automates root-cause and service-impact analysis Isolates the point of failure and the actual impact of problems on service health Improves the customer experience and mitigate business risk.

Business benefits

Today's business services are more complex than ever. They are composed of an ever-changing mix of legacy and next-generation technologies that cross many operational silos. When service problems occur, operations staff frequently must utilize silo management tools and manual correlation to identify the cross-domain service impact and root cause. The results? Longer mean time to resolution. Higher costs. And very often — lost revenue.

Service modeling and measurement tools can help organizations overcome these challenges by providing greater visibility into service status and dependencies. However, most traditional tools do not offer the integrations — across the breadth of event and dependency data sources — that are needed to provide holistic service visibility. To further complicate matters, these tools also lack the real-time tracking of service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) that operations staff, business users and customers increasingly require.

To effectively streamline problem resolution and optimize service, operations staff need an automated way to:

Netcool®/Realtime Active Dashboards™ helps business and operations staff understand the complex relationships between business services and supporting technology. It gives organizations advanced, real-time visualization of services and processes in a comprehensive service dependency model. Netcool/Realtime Active Dashboards incorporates data from a broad array of IT resources and business support systems that contribute to defining a service. Examples include applications, systems and network devices, and business-related assets such as transactions, revenue and customer records. This information is populated into a real-time, federated service model for automated service impact analysis, root-cause analysis and service level tracking.

Because Netcool/Realtime Active Dashboards provides complete visibility into business services and processes, you can use it to:

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