Tivoli® Netcool® Network Mediation efficiently collects, processes and distributes traffic data for telecom networks.

Supports multi-vendor, multi-technology environments with variety of protocols, complex data formats and custom data processing requirements. Supercedes IBM Virtuo Mediation.

Features, advantages and benefits
Provides data integrity analysis that incorporates monitoring, notification and automation capabilities Optimizes and verifies data integrity and availability. Maintains the accuracy of network data to facilitate accurate, timely business decisions
Collects and pre-processes network and service statistics from multiple network resources Minimizes the duplication of mediation systems enabling efficient data collection and distribution Reduces operating costs
Supports mult-ivendor, multi-technology environments in one mediation platform A highly scalable solution that quickly adapts to new network technologies and changes to equipment output Controls costs by integrating new data output with existing infrastructure and management processes
Provides graphical modeling and monitoring of data collection Offers greater visibility into the data mediation layer making it easier to manage the overall data collection process Results in better understanding of the network and more rapid response to changes.
Defines output formats for multiple systems Flexible solution that adapts to a variety of OSS solutions as well as data warehouses,in-house systems and others Improves operating efficiency by collecting data from multiple network resources once and efficiently delivering information in required formats for multiple OSS

Business benefits

Provides proven Data Integrity. Reduces operational costs. Accelerates ability to respond to changes in the network.

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