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Las organizaciones luchan con los agentes de productos antimalware porque a veces no responden adecuadamente y no se actualizan bien. De este modo, se incrementa el riesgo de que se omita la presencia de malware.

Las organizaciones más grandes o los proveedores de servicios gestionados (MSP) pueden gestionar diversas soluciones antimalware en diferentes campus, zonas geográficas o unidades de negocio. Esas organizaciones más grandes pueden padecer de elevados costes de mano de obra y la carencia de elaboración de informes completos.

Con la adopción cada vez más frecuente de la opción BYOD (traiga su propio dispositivo), las organizaciones deben contar con la capacidad de poner en cuarentena los equipos no gestionados hasta que se verifique que son seguros.

IBM Endpoint Manager Starter Kit for Security and Compliance proporciona un punto de entrada de bajo coste que optimiza un subconjunto de la suite Endpoint Management Security & Compliance Management, para:

Starter Kit Regular Edition
Provides discovery and visibility to physical and virtual assets from a single management console



Manages and monitors the health of endpoint protection clients from Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, Microsoft, CA, Proventia and Trend Microacross a variety of operating systemsto ensure they always running and that virus signatures are up-to-date.



Customizable automatic quarantine actions to isolate out of compliance endpoints and protect against zero-day malware and vulnerability attacks until remediation is complete



Provides accurate, up-to-the minute visibility into and continuous enforcement of security configurations and patches from a single management console


Automatic, continuous, closed-loop remediation of endpoints, allowing administrators to quickly and easily create custom remediation policies and implement them across the organization within hours, for endpoints both on and off the network


Automatic endpoint assessment based on best-practice checklists from the Center for Internet Security (CIS), US Government Configuration Baseline(USGCB), US Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), and Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides(DISA STIG).


Maps vulnerabilities to industry standards to provide Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) references and links to the National Vulnerability Database (NVD)


Provides insight and reports to meet compliance regulations and IT security objectives, including determining progress and historical trends toward continuous security configuration policy compliance, identifying end-point security exposures and risks, and more


Server requirements

Console requirements

Supported platforms for the agent

  • Know your endpoints to prevent security breaches

    Know your endpoints to prevent security breaches (PDF, 945KB)

    A no-charge IBM assessment of endpoint vulnerabilities reviews key configuration and security elements of your environment to deliver insights that can set you on the path to ensuring that systems remain compliant, updated and protected against threats.

  • An Asia Pacific Bank

    An Asia Pacific Bank

    With IBM Endpoint Manager, the bank’s systems management staff can rapidly remediate, protect, and report in real time on its endpoints—from PCs and laptops to mobile devices and ATMs. The bank is realizing the following benefits: more than 25 percent annual reduction in power costs; 99.99 percent patch compliance; 99 percent faster software package distribution.

  • P.O.S. Data System

    P.O.S. Data System

    P.O.S. Data System is an IT services provider with offices in four cities throughout Sicily, Italy. Its services range from server virtualization to high-performance computing, from point-of-sale solutions to data protection. IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager software provides enterprise-wide security.

  • Making Continuous Compliance a Reality

    Making Continuous Compliance a Reality (Link resides outside of

    In this Chalk Talk video, Noah Salzman reviews the challenges organizations face with their continuous compliance initiatives. Noah goes on to explain how organizations can move from continuous monitoring to continuous compliance, using IBM Endpoint Manager, which is built for continuous compliance.

  • Webcast: High Performance Incident Response: How quickly can you detect threats to your endpoints?

    Webcast: High Performance Incident Response: How quickly can you detect threats to your endpoints? (Link resides outside of

    Join this live webcast as we'll define a High Performance Incident Response program, discuss common challenges and how to address them, as well as best practices, benchmarks, and case studies. Attendees will walk away with specific techniques to prepare for a new decade in information security.

  • Tighten your Endpoint Security and Reduce Risk with Enterprise Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection

    Tighten your Endpoint Security and Reduce Risk with Enterprise Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection (Link resides outside of

    Join Mark Ehr, IBM QRadar Product Manager, as he highlights key use cases and demonstrates the integration between the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and IBM Endpoint Manager. In this educational webinar you will learn:
    - Reduce potential offenses by increasing vulnerability database accuracy
    - How to establish baseline for endpoint states and improve alerting on variations
    - Speed remediation of discovered offenses using Endpoint Manager automation
    - How to improve compliance reporting with deep endpoint state data

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