Abriendo un nuevo mundo de posibilidades

IDC volvió a situar IBM como líder del mercado mundial de software social empresarial por tercer año consecutivo.

IBM Connections es una plataforma de software social líder mediante la cual su organización puede conectar con las personas adecuadas, acelerar la innovación y generar resultados. Esta plataforma integrada y altamente segura permite a las personas conectar con redes de expertos en el contexto de procesos de negocio importantes. Todos podrán actuar con confianza y así anticiparse y responder a las oportunidades emergentes.

Las opciones de despliegue de IBM Connections incluyen despliegue en las instalaciones, en cloud o híbrido.

IBM Connections le permite:

Tener presencia social y acercar su marca a todas las experiencias.

Eliminar conjeturas

Dar rienda suelta a la creatividad

Se integra con software de IBM y aplicaciones de terceros

Se integra con aplicaciones Microsoft

Descubra cómo añadir funcionalidades sociales completas a Microsoft SharePoint (00:02:55)

Utilice IBM Connections Plug-In para mejorar los entornos de Microsoft SharePoint con funcionalidad adicional social y de colaboración

Facilite el uso compartido de archivos en el escritorio con la extensión de Windows Explorer para IBM Connections Files.

Amplíe Microsoft Office con funciones sociales mediante plug-ins de IBM Connections.

Integre funciones sociales en Microsoft Outlook con IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Vea una demostración (YouTube, 00:05:55)

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Vea y actúe rápidamente en contexto.

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Acceda a su red de personas e información directamente en IBM Notes Social Edition.

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Encuentre su red directamente en la barra lateral de Microsoft Outlook.

Vea y actúe rápidamente en contexto.

Vea y actúe rápidamente en contexto.

Acceda a su red de personas e información directamente en IBM Notes Social Edition.

  Acceda a su red de personas e información directamente en IBM Notes Social Edition.

Encuentre su red directamente en la barra lateral de Microsoft Outlook.

  Encuentre su red directamente en la barra lateral de Microsoft Outlook.

Recursos de IBM Connections

IBM Connections

Abriendo un nuevo mundo de posibilidades

IBM Software Suscription y Software Support está incluido en el precio del producto para el primer año.

No disponible para la compra online. Otros medios de compra o solicitar información adicional.

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Collaboration on your terms to drive higher levels of engagement and innovation.

IBM Connections V5.0 builds upon the IBM social software platform with an innovative, user-centric solution. Connections V5.0 empowers users by removing traditional collaboration barriers, allowing them to decide on the people, the place, and the time required for the project – and how it gets done.

IBM Connections V5.0 allows organizations to:


Collaborate beyond traditional boundaries

• Collaborate with external users, including customers and business partners.

• Initiate back and forth file sharing within the community or externally.

• Allow external users to participate fully in an IBM Connections community, including use of profiles, directories and business cards.

Focus on what’s important

• Use @mentions to draw attention to important information with ability to respond inline; @mention views available on your homepage.

• Make the Activity stream more relevant with smarter content filtering; locate people in your network using the smart type-ahead search capability.

• Create folders in communities to organize the community files and use them to create multiple galleries per community.

• Allow community managers to create and define a custom community landing page to direct members to the featured content.

• Quickly identify file content you need through thumbnail views organized in a grid view, allowing you to preview and comment on files without opening a new window.

Work where and how you want

• Create, review, edit and work whenever and wherever you need, including offline with file sync that allows you to choose what files you want synced with your desktop or mobile device, ensuring you have access to the latest versions with round-trip editing privileges.

• Allow users to personalize their experience with 1 tap access to their key content with the ability to re-order the navigation, as needed.

• View all tasks and activities in one place and respond in the context using the new in line preview and consolidated notification center; review most recently visited content using the history feature within the native mobile app.

For complete details on the Connections Mobile app, see the full description and what’s new in the device app store:

  • .

    Home page

    See what is happening across your social network and access the social data that is important to you.

  • .


    Find and discover the expertise you need.

  • .


    Work together with people who have common interests, roles and expertise. Also includes ideation, media gallery, and bridging capabilities.

  • .


    Present your ideas, receive feedback and make the most of the experience and opinions of others.

  • .


    Reach out for help or share news with your network

  • .


    Find, save and share useful web-based content.

  • .


    Bring information and experts immediately into view by easily sharing conversations that would have otherwise been hidden in email, for faster and more informed decision-making.

  • .


    View, manage and organize tasks and quickly complete them. Tap into your professional network.

  • .


    Create and share content together with your teams and professional network.

  • .


    Share and discover documents, presentations, images with your colleagues. Eliminate system duplicates and reduce the amount of mail in your inbox. Provide rich social content & document management experience with add-on capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager

  • .


    Exchange ideas with others and benefit from their expertise.

  • .

    Social Analytics

    Discover who and what you need to know through recommendations.

  • .

    Polls and Surveys

    Quickly and easily gather feedback from clients, partners and customers.

  • .


    Add IBM Docs online office productivity suite for more efficient document collaboration.

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