XL Fortran compiler maximizes application performance on IBM Power Systems

XL Fortran for Linux
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IBM® XL Fortran for Linux is a standards-based, high-performance Fortran compiler with advanced optimization and performance-tuning features. It enables the development of parallel applications that exploit the IBM POWER® processor multi-core and vector features. XL Fortran for Linux optimizes your infrastructure on IBM Power Systems™ in support of extensive numerical, scientific and high-performance computing.

IBM XL Fortran for Linux delivers:

Leading optimization and performance tuning technology

High-performance libraries

Profile-driven optimization

Language standard compliance

Utilization reports

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XL Fortran compiler maximizes application performance on IBM Power Systems.

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IBM® XL Fortran for Linux V15.1 enhancements help to increase application performance and developer productivity, while maximizing your IT investments. The compiler now installs to its own location without needing to replace the version that is already installed.

XL Fortran for Linux V15.1 provides:


Exploitation of the latest POWER8 architecture

Partial support for the Fortran 2008 programming language

Partial support for Fortran Technical Specification 29113

Partial support for the OpenMP 4.0 industry specification

Improved MASS library interfaces


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