Exploits the latest IBM z Systems running selected Linux distributions

The XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems compiler lets you create and port applications for execution on the latest IBM z Systems®. The compiler enables development of business applications and system programs and maximizes hardware utilization with faster application performance. The compiler partially supports the latest programming standards and is compatible with GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).

XL C/C++ for Linux z Systems offers:

  • Increased return on hardware investments with improved application performance using leading-edge optimization technology and exploitation of the latest z Systems hardware.
  • The Clang infrastructure in the front end with advanced optimization technology in the IBM compiler back end.
  • Highly-tuned math libraries, including IBM Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem (MASS), Basic Linear Algebraic Subprograms (BLAS), and Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) libraries.
  • Standards compliance with support for international C and C++ programming language standards and GNU C/C++ compatibility extensions for ease of application migration to IBM z Systems.

Increased return on hardware investments

  • Generates code that leverages the capabilities of IBM z Systems including IBM z13.
  • Supports higher levels of the z/Architecture using the -qarch compiler option.
  • Tunes instruction selection, scheduling, and other architecture-dependent performance enhancements to run best on a specific hardware architecture using the –qtune compiler option.

The Clang infrastructure in the front end

  • Leverages the Clang infrastructure from the open source community for a portion of the compiler front end.
  • The IBM compiler back end provides three base optimization levels, from minimal optimization to intense program analysis ranging from local basic block to subprogram unit scopes, file-level, and whole-program analysis.
  • The back end enables use of sophisticated optimization techniques, such as inter-procedural analysis.

Highly-tuned math libraries

  • Features the ATLAS libraries, which consist of numerical linear algebra operations that are specifically tuned for optimum performance on z/Architecture.
  • Includes the IBM MASS libraries, which consist of mathematical intrinsic functions that are specifically tuned for optimum performance on z/Architecture. MASS includes scalar and vector libraries that can be used by C and C++ applications.
  • Offers BLAS to provide high-performance, algebraic functions that are used to perform combined matrix multiplication and addition on general matrices or their transposes as well as to compute the matrix-vector product for a general matrix or its transpose.

Standards compliance

  • Conforms to the C90, C99, C11, C++98, and C++03 international programming language standards, enabling straightforward porting and consolidation of C/C++ applications to z Systems with improved platform performance, flexibility, security, and reliability features.
  • Supports various features of the C++11 and C++14 international programming language standards, facilitating modern C/C++ application development on z Systems.
  • Provides a much greater level of GNU source and binary compatibility for ease of migration of applications built with GNU C/C++ to XL C/C++ on z Systems.

Caractéristiques du produit

XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems, V1.2 delivers vector SIMD and auto-SIMD support, performance enhancements, improved language features, and interoperability to support IBM z13 Systems:

Performance enhancements

Improved language features

GCC compatibility

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