Advanced optimizing compiler for IBM Power Systems running Linux distributions

XL C/C++ for Linux
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IBM® XL C/C++ for Linux is an industry standards-based programming tool used to develop large and complex applications in the C and C++ programming languages. Optimized for IBM Power Systems™, including the latest POWER8® processors, XL C/C++ for Linux supports vector and parallel programming. This compiler complies with the ISO C99 and ISO C++03 standards.

XL C/C++ for Linux for little endian Linux distributions is C11 and C++11 compliant and supports a subset of the C++14 standards, supporting code portability between multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. XL C/C++ for Linux products on little endian distributions offer a new compiler design built with Clang front end components and continues to use IBM highly optimizing backend. It provides improved GCC compatibility and language standards support for easier migration and enhanced capability.

XL C/C++ for Linux provides the following features and benefits:

Delivers a single XL C/C++ offering

Optimizes application performance

Provides highly-tuned math libraries

Enables ease of application migration to Power Systems

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Advanced optimizing compiler for selected Linux distributions

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IBM® XL C/C++ for Linux V13.1.3 on little endian distributions increase application performance and developer productivity, while maximizing your IT investments.

XL C/C++ for Linux V13.1.3 on little endian distributions delivers the following benefits and features:


Full conformance to the C11 and C++11 standards

Full conformance of OpenMP 3.1 features and additional OpenMP 4.5 features

New and enhanced compiler options, pragmas, and built-in functions


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