Advanced compilation and optimization technologies for AIX and Power Systems

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IBM® XL C for AIX® is a compiler that facilitates the creation and maintenance of applications written in C for IBM Power Systems™. XL C for AIX supports vector and parallel programming for multiprocessor systems, while maintaining full binary compatibility with existing single processor systems. This compiler complies with the C99 and a subset of C11 programming language standards, providing support for code portability between multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

IBM® XL C for AIX® provides the following benefits and features:

Optimizes application performance

Provides highly-tuned libraries

Conforms to the latest ISO C99 standard

XL C for AIX resources

IBM® XL C for AIX® V13.1.3 enhancements help to increase application performance and developer productivity while maximizing your IT investments.

XL C for AIX V13.1.3 provides the following benefits and features:


Faster applications

Increased programmer productivity

Quality improvements and simpler administration

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