Use existing skills to modernize COBOL and C applications

WebSphere eXtended Transaction
Runtime V2.1

IBM® WebSphere® eXtended Transaction Runtime is a distributed environment to modernize COBOL and C applications within IBM WebSphere Application Server. It enables you to use existing skills to extend and reuse COBOL and C applications in a Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment.

Standardizing assets natively within WebSphere Application Server provides transactional integrity, security and scalability and improves flexibility and administrative productivity within an enterprise service -oriented architecture (SOA).

WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime helps you:

Modernize and deploy composite, transactional applications

Create a responsive, integrated infrastructure for COBOL, C and Java workloads

IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern

WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime

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Use existing skills to modernize COBOL and C applications

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The following minimum operating system and hardware requirements must be met on the server to support the basic installation and use of WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime.

Operating systemSoftware and hardware requirments
AIX View detailed system requirements for WXTR V2.1 and WXTR V1.0

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