Extend Applications to Mobile Users over Multiple Networks

  • Wireless network data optimization via improved data communication efficiencies for a VPN
  • High level of security with AES, DES, 3DES, RC5, SSL, WTLS, and FIPS 140-2 certification
  • Seamless cross network roaming and session stability
  • Ntwork intelligence that senses, selects, and prioritizes network connections
  • High reliability and scalability - supports distribution across mulitple sites, gateway clustering and HACMP
  • Clientless connection to allow web browser access to information behind the firewall
  • Thin client access options
  • Server integration with existing AAA via RADIUS support, and directory via LDAP and ODBC databases
  • Two-way messaging for WAP, SMS, packet radio, and paging networks.

What's New in WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager V5.1?

  • Protection of sensitive information when transmitted over wireless networks by creating an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) client between the Connection Manager and Mobility Client components
  • Superior flexibility and user experience through seamless network roaming that can allow mobile users to maintain session persistence when the mobile device changes network connections
  • Support for a comprehensive spectrum of communication protocols for both Internet Protocols (IP) and non-IP networks
  • Reduction of mobile transmission costs and lower connection fees through data optimization functionality that delivers compression, header reduction, and minimization of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) retransmissions that can reduce data loads and increase effective bandwidth

WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager(WECM) offers a distributed, scalable, multipurpose communications platform for compression, security, and persistence to drive higher wireless data throughput and lower costs. It creates a mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts data over vulnerable wireless LAN and wireless WAN connections. It integrates an exhaustive list of standard Internet Protocols (IP) and non-IP wireless bearer networks, server hardware, device operating systems and mobile security protocols. WECM V5 supports the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), including WAP Wireless Session Protocol (WSP). For customers who do not need WAP functions, WECM V5 without WAP is available for a lower price.

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