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IBM Worklight helps you extend your business to mobile devices. It is designed to provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps. IBM Worklight can help you reduce both app development and maintenance costs, improve time-to-market and enhance mobile app governance and security.

IBM Worklight is comprised of five components:

IBM Worklight Studio is designed to provide a comprehensive environment for advanced, rich, cross-platform mobile app development.

IBM Worklight Server is mobile-optimized middleware that serves as a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud-based services.

IBM Worklight Device Runtime Components offer runtime client application program interfaces (API) designed to enhance security, governance and usability.

IBM Worklight Application Center enables you to set up an enterprise app store that manages the distribution of production-ready mobile apps.

IBM Worklight Console is an administrative graphical user interface (GUI) for the server, adapters, applications and push services to help you manage, monitor and instrument mobile apps.

With IBM Worklight you can:

Support multiple mobile operating environments and devices

Connect and synchronize

Safeguard mobile security

Govern mobile app portfolio from a central interface

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See detailed system requirements complete list of software requirements. See detailed system requirements complete list of hardware requirements.

This document provides system requirements information on the supported releases of IBM Worklight, IBM Mobile Foundation and IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern from which you can select system requirements in different levels and organization of detail.

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